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From the Women’s Defense League: NH Senate Democrats Passed Bloomberg’s Red Flag Bill IT’S NOW TIME FOR A VETO! The NH Senate passed House Bill 687 – AN ACT relative to extreme risk protection orders. The fix was in. They never planned on considering a majority of people’s voices who are against this destructive legislation. …


Not red flags. Purple flags.

Constitutional issues aside, the two main practical problems with red flag laws are (1) once the guns are taken, it can be difficult and expensive to get them back (and sometimes impossible to get them back undamaged), and (2) there’s no accountability for the people who ‘warn’ the authorities about problems that don’t actually exist. …

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KY 2A Red Flag Rally

KY ‘Red Flag Law’ Protest Triggers Liberal Media

“How many ‘Red Flags’ Do You See in These Photos from Kentucky Gun Owners Swarming the Capitol?” is the headline from Yahoo! News, who shared an Equire post about the protests in Frankfurt on Friday. One thing is certain, the protestors that gathered to oppose a Red Flag Law in KY certainly triggered the liberal …

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Democrat NH House Passes Red Flag Law

With Democrats in the majority, the latest Red Flag bill will pass through the legislature like s**t through a goose. And it’s halfway there. Today the NH House voted to advance the legislation.