Jim Babcock’s “Stealing Campaign Signs” Hall of Shame – Justice delayed and all that... - Granite Grok

Jim Babcock’s “Stealing Campaign Signs” Hall of Shame – Justice delayed and all that…

Jim Babcock - mug shot

The hearing on Jim Babcock’s theft of Grokster Norm’s campaign sign WAS supposed to be August 20th. But the wheels of Justice, as we are seeing, sometimes turn very slow. And right now slow is just plain “No.”

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Subject: RE: State of New Hampshire vs. James Babcock, Docket #450-2020-CR-01455

Good morning Mr. Silber,

Thank you for your email.  My apologies for not responding yesterday however I was off and today is my first opportunity to respond.

You are correct that the first scheduled hearing in this matter was scheduled for Thursday, August 20th.  As stated in a my previous email to you on Monday, June 29, 2020 3:06 PM, “Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the court has instituted a practice of waiving all arraignments, entering a not guilty plea on behalf of each defendant, and scheduling it for a Case Status Hearing’; please refer to the prior email in this thread.  The Court did follow this procedure in this case.  At this time, a Case Status Hearing in this matter has not been scheduled.  Once the State receives the Notice of Hearing for the Case Status Hearing, I will be in contact to discuss a possible resolution.

As the prosecutor in this matter, I would agree that victim testimony and witness testimony would be necessary should the matter go to trial.  If in fact this does go to trial, you as well as any witnesses will be contacted well in advance of the trial date.

Understand that there is media interested in reporting on this case, and following Rule 1.4 of the General Rules of the Circuit Court of the State of New Hampshire (https://www.courts.state.nh.us/rules/dmcr/dmcr-1_4.htm), said media outlets may wish to file their written requests with the clerk at this time.  The court will not make them a party to the case and therefore they will not receive any Notice of Hearing however it will at least start the process for each media outlet.

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Remember, this whole thing started back on June 6. Now it is August 23 with no next step in sight. One would have thought that caught dead to rights, a confession, black letter law concerning penalties, that this would proceed along at pace. How difficult can Zoom/Video-assisted proceedings be?

So, we wait for that wheel to turn. In the meantime, I will be getting ready to submit a written request to the clerk so as to be seated in the courtroom if such a happening, well, happens.

Tick, tick, tick…