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Democrat NH State Rep Sherry Frost is a Short Memory’d Hypocrite

Sherry Frost

Did NH State Rep Sherry Frost forget a little detail? Like she was a sponsor of this bill last year?

HOUSE BILL 1159-FN    AN ACT relative to cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and doxxing of a public servant.

SPONSORS: Rep. Diggs, Graf. 16; Rep. J. Schmidt, Hills. 28; Rep. W. Thomas, Hills. 21; Rep. Frost, Straf. 16; Rep. Altschiller, Rock. 19; Rep. Grossman, Rock. 18

Frost is part of that coven that has it in for GraniteGrok because we publish either what she says or does (see also Schmidt, Thomas, and Altshiller, Rung, etc.) and then comment about it.

As I said during the testimony for the HB1159:

If you say or do something stupid and we hear about it, we’ll write about it. Do it again, and we’ll keep on writing about you.

Want us to NOT write about you? Don’t say or do stupid stuff.

As with this. Frost has decided to keep being stupid. And angry. And VINDICTIVE.

She totally vindicates me when I said that HB1159 was ONLY about shutting down the Grok as it is really doubtful that Frost will hold herself to the same standard outlined in HB1159:

This bill establishes a criminal penalty for cyberbullying, cyberstalking, or doxxing of a public servant.


It is SO delightful that Frost is exhibiting the exact same behavior for which she wanted to punish others.

And it is clear that this hypocrite has no problem doing it.  But shouldn’t SHE be held to a higher standard? Not because she’s a State Rep but because of the legislation she co-sponsored. After all, didn’t she just put herself (along with the others) as a paragon of honor simply because 33 NH State Reps (33 Repubs & 2 Dems) voted against the Resolution that was entered showing disgust with the violence in DC during the Trump rally?

It’s clear that it was just a “tactic” and a way to get her revenge on us. And now, she has moved on and used the tactic she accused us of using on others. As if nothing had ever happened.

Her true character continues to shine through – just a nasty person. She’s proving that Von Clausewitz correct in that “Politics is just warfare by other means”.

Good on Jason Osborne in calling her out and emphasizing that Free Speech is utmost.

I certainly applaud his restraint – I’m trying hard but no, I can’t go there at least right now. I have no idea who this missive went to but I DO wish that whomever it was that they have some juice to put the squeeze on her as they did to Deb Stevens last year (here, here, here, here, and here).

Either this behavior gets squashed and hard or it is going to continue to happen. The Democrats have gotten the attitude that they can continue treating everyone else not-them because they know, at least right now, they get away with it. She’s a prime example of this “Moral Superiority” ‘tude.

And yes, here she is!

So, from the NH.GOV House of Representatives:

Dover, NH
Seat #: 4046