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They Are That Stupid

Do you have them in Extra-Hypocrite?A bunch of Linden LaRouche democrats show up at Tea Party rallies with Obama Hitler signs and the progressive left tries to blame the Tea Party.  The left has made it public knowledge that they will themselves show up and pretend to be part of the Tea Party movement with racist and insulting signs or comments to prove that the Tea Party is full of racists.  They will be disruptive and destructive.  And now a movement has been announced at NetRoots that encourages the left to tell the Tea Party What you really think about them.  So they are basically going to be themselves in front of regular Americans who are not very happy with democrats right now.


Over at RedState, Dan Spencer actually received a forwarded Email with the basic instructions for this latest effort against the Tea Party.

“Set aside your good manners, your tolerance, your measured understanding of policy differences, and your earnest do-gooder ideas for a [sic.] just a moment to join me in telling the Tea Party what you really think of them.”

No offense but what good manners?  And tolerance?  What tolerance would that be exactly—that you’ve not devolved into actually killing them, because I’ve seen video of people getting beat up by you guys.  How is this any less tolerant or less well mannered than anything else you and your fellow travelers have tried to perpetrate in the past eighteen months?  Don’t think too hard you’ll hurt yourselves. 

The left has been telling us what they really think about the modern Tea Party movement since April 15th of 2009.  So maybe adding SWAG makes it a legitimate deal for the left?  Look, here’s my Center For American Progress Constitution Shredder and matching blinders; my gold framed George Soros Blank Check, made out to Insert name of “grass roots” left wing group here;  there’s the Keith Olberman Plunger/Megaphone and the Chris Matthews leg vibrator—Yes! it runs on batteries.   Don’t forget the Rachel Maddow recyclable Blue Water and vinegar douche.  And look, now liberals—the gentle, caring, non-hateful party—can be total pricks to regular Americans while wearing a “F*ck Tea T-Shirt.”

I think I hear Angels singing.

This is a testament to the disconnected nature of the left; that they continually try to pigeonhole a small-government, low tax  American movement as something on the fringe, when in fact it is representative of everyday American’s—is in fact the voting public whom they have been ignoring and controlling all these years.  As I pointed out on Skips earlier post, how stupid do you have to be not to realize that all you are doing by agitating middle America with this nonsense is pissing them off? 

But I embrace their new strategy as both redundant and visionary.  This will make them that much easier to find. It will also look great along with the piles of photographic evidence of left wingers being the hate mongers they just can’t seem to find on the other side.


(H/T Dan Spencer @ RedState)

(H/T Skip Murphy -Granite Grok)