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Food For Thought

…Or Harry Reid is an ass part 2.  And so is Jeanne Shaheen.

Over here, you’ll find Senator Shaheen crowing about how great the new food safety bill is, and how she, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, helped pass it.  (It’s crap like all the other Dem bill but that’s not why she’s an ass.)

She is an ass because (and if it makes you feel better Judd Gregg is an ass for being both a co-sponsor and a yea vote) there are provisions in this Senate bill (S510) that….raise taxes.

Everyone take out your constitutions and look up Article 1 Sections 7 and show us which chamber has the power to tax.

It is not the US Senate.  You’d think a bunch of sitting US Senators would know that?  Maybe they just play US Senators on TV.

(With any luck, Senator Elect Kelly Ayotte is more familiar with the constitution she will have sworn to protect, defend, uphold…I think you see where I’m going with this.)

In the mean time, the House Dems are not taking kindly to the affront, the result of which will be some other version of the same crappy bill, which Reid will have no hope of passing if he can’t get the looming Obama tax hikes killed and a 10 month budget passed before the dead duck congress pronounces it’s last quack.  Any new legislation will have to be reintroduced, and the Senate GOP is not dining on anything else until taxes and budgets have been completed.

Not much time for that is there.

Seems to me that if one or more of these distinguished Senators had read the bill, seen the violation and removed it, they would not be in the position they are in.

Lucky for us they are as arrogant as they are stupid.  They just saved us from another train wreck of a regulatory nightmare disguised as food safety legislation.

January can’t come fast enough.  As for Shaheen, when the hell is 2014 going to get here? 


(H/T Hot Air)