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UL Dope Slaps Former Governor Shaheen

Jeanne "Dont know my own state law" ShaheenIn a staff editorial the Union Leader reminds us why Senator (and former NH Governor) Jeanne Shaheen still needs a blue ribbon panel to make decisions for her.

Quoting Shaheen, who objects to a Federal balanced budget amendment…

“I think we can solve our budget problems with a commitment to do that,” she said last week. “In New Hampshire, we don’t have a balanced budget amendment, but we do have a history and tradition of balancing the budget. I did that three times as governor. We don’t need an amendment; we need to get everyone to the table on how we are going to deal with our debt and our deficits.”

and the primer…

Let us take a moment to note what Shaheen said about the debt ceiling last week: “There is no doubt about it that those people who say we don’t need to raise the debt ceiling have no idea what they are talking about.”

And here’s the Dope Slap!

What an unfortunate choice of words, for when Shaheen says New Hampshire balances its budget by “history and tradition,” she has no idea what she is talking about (and she was a three-term governor!). Balanced budgets are required by state law, specifically RSA 9:8-b.

Shaheen claims that Washington doesn’t need a balanced budget requirement because New Hampshire doesn’t have one. But New Hampshire has one. And so should Washington. Maybe a fairy will come to Shaheen in the middle of the night and give her the wisdom to see that.

My lord, the New Hampshire Democrat Communist Party must be so proud. 

Thank you Union Leader.


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