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What John Lynch IS Good At

John LynchWilliam F. Klessons has stretched credibility to the breaking point. Who is Klessons you ask? He is Salem’s self-styled print equivalent of Keith Olbermann. A Kool-Aid stained liberal apologist and basher of all things to the right of Mussolini in the pages of the Salem Patriot, and the Observer.

Klessons came to my attention when someone sent me a copy of his most recent piece of fiction. In it he proclaims the greatness of Governor Lynch. While everyone is entitled to their opinion Klessons justifies this because of some budget surplus he has imagined, and then lauds the little governor for his business acumen as the catalyst for all the good in the Granite State. Not to knock you off your dung wagon Bill but having no state or income tax is why we are better off than most states and Lynch and the democrats did their best to screw the state up despite that.

But the surplus is no mystery. It is the product of bad media spin, a concerted effort on the left to save Lynch from further decline, and the basic desire to just believe it could be true. It may also have to do with an NHDP press release mischaracterizing the June revenue report, but I didn’t have my waders on so I didn’t go looking—that’s just speculation.

This so-called surplus refers to a revenue report Charlie Arlinghaus calls “Just horrible” instead of “really horrible.” The democrats only missed the revenue estimates by $85 million instead of the $120 million they thought they were off by and William Klessons has declared it a surplus. Not exactly. But wow only missed by$ 85 million, is that tingle I feel creeping up my leg?

The editorial goes on without mention of the $44 million more in debt Lynch bonded to make the debt service payments on his existing debt. Debt to debt to debt. That adds about $8.4 million in new costs over the next ten years which is what any good manager wants to do.

The $60 million budget-balancing dollars that don’t exist from land sales that won’t even happen until at least 2012 if at all are glaringly absent.

And how about six years of watching the pension problem get worse? We’ve got a multi-Billion dollar unfunded mandate but instead of working on that Mr. Lynch and the democrat majority grew the state budget 24%. Bloody brilliant, isn’t it? Wouldn’t know, Mr. Klessons never brings it up.

And why not add the millions in federal money that’s not even there? Every good manager knows you can balance the budget with nothing. So we’ve had what, a $300 million dollar deficit with a $295 million dollar fix full of imaginary friends? That explains the surplus we don’t have. Genius!

Mr. Klessons does spotlight’s Mr. Lynch’s genius at improving graduation rates; William may not know this, nor may he much care, but part of Lynch’s success at lowering dropout rates comes from redefining what a drop out actually is. I’m serious. They changed the definition. That’s not management it’s something else. (A graduation surplus? ) I bet the explication is similar to why the John ‘wonder manager’ Lynch department of education, which got $47 million in federal stimulus, has yet to report on what they have done with it? So the feds have put them in the top ten ‘Non-reporting list’ for the entire nation. That’s good management. Was he waiting for a Republican solution to pilfer? Why the hell not just drop them a note and tell them its part of the state surplus?

Good manager that Lynch guy.

He also tosses John Lynch a bone on the toughness on sexual predator laws. I’m wondering how that contrasts to the extinction of parental notification rights. John Lynch ensured that any female minor preyed upon by a sexual predator who got pregnant (that’s sometimes referred to as evidence) can go and get an abortion without anyone knowing if they feel inclined (that’s threatened) to keep quiet about it.

All in all it ignores the bad things, imagines things that don’t exist, and gives Lynch credit for benefits that would have existed had we no governor at all. So there is a surplus…of misinformation. The only thing Lynch is actually good at is fooling people into thinking he’s good at being the governor.

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