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In 2017 “Whistleblower” Was Plotting to Have Trump Removed From Office.”

Whistleblowers are only a protected species when they blow the right whistle. Put more succinctly, blow a whistle on the right. Ratting out the Left, Deep State, the Media or Democrats (if and when these things are not one and the same) is bad. Ratting out the right is good. Especially if you lied when …

In 2017 “Whistleblower” Was Plotting to Have Trump Removed From Office.” Read More »

Lev Parnas In Court For Arraignment On Campaign Finance Violations

Lev Parnas, The Left’s Latest Impeachment Hero, Lied

I’ve lost count. How many “I have you now” moments have the left (Democrats, the Media) unleashed about Trump? To fawning praise and wall-to-wall coverage. Dozens, hundreds, all for what? The word you seek is naught. So, it is no surprise that Lev Parnas, the latest bombshell, is another dud.

Let the Circus Begin

Let the Senate Impeachment Circus Begin

Toot, toot, tootle doodle, doot, doot doodle… Let the Circus Begin. Bring on the clowns and the dancing bears. The impeachment trial in the Senate is set to open tomorrow. The rules of the Senate can still change and likely will.

Trump Ford Truck Parody Screen Grab

President Trump Sets Another Record

President Trump’s economy is impressive. Record employment for minorities. Record wage growth, especially among lower and middle-class workers. All great things created by tax cuts and trade policy and deregulation. But he’s got another record about which to crow.