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Quick Takes – Hat Trick

Within I pick three topics upon which to discourse, but not worth a full-length examination as a standalone piece on their own.

burning money

Data Point – At what point does the rest of the financial world go “no mas”?

The US Dollar is the currency of the world and has been for quite some time. Thus far, it has maintained that status even as our rivals (the EU to a degree; Russia and especially China) have tried a number of schemes to usurp that status. But as the US continues to borrow more and …

Data Point – At what point does the rest of the financial world go “no mas”? Read More »

San francisco homless crime poverty filth

Do We Really Want To Get Our Leadership From San Francisco?

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to powerful progressive politicians. There’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Gavin Newsom. Yes, and don’t forget U.S. Senator and vice-presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. It’s producing a disproportionate number of influential political actors, all leftists.

Inverted Flag burning business

When You Elect Leftists you Invite Violence

Looking down the road to November we need to remember elections have consequences. When you elect Leftists you invite violence. When you elect Leftists you are voting to end America. You knew or should have known this.

Debt, deficit and disease

Debt, Deficit and Disease

A dispute is brewing about debt, deficit, and disease. Government spending has inflicted a multi-trillion dollar deficit in America. Recent reports are projecting the single year federal budget deficit will swell to nearly $4 trillion.