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Republican Presidential Challengers Are Queuing Up

Data from the Treasury Department shows the deficit increasing by $120 billion in July alone. Most of the spending is going toward health services and the military. Congress and the Executive branch just agreed to remove the debt ceiling and further increase spending. The year over year comparison for the month shows federal spending up …

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Do It For The Kids

The recently announced spending and lift the debt ceiling deal is bad deal for Americans’ future. Congress continues to abdicate its responsibility manage the nations purse responsibly. It’s failing to protect the future of the nation. Congress refuses to discharge its constitutional duty. It is not keeping America safe from the economic and national security …

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Chains, children, shackle, slave

Servitude Is Alive and Well in America

by Kevin Scully  | The Democrats have successfully reintroduced indentured servitude to American society by creating three classes of government serfs. The vote-slave, the wage-slave, and the debt-slave.

Promise, Tax, Grow Government, Borrow, Grander Promises, Until…

Promise me this… The Donkey’s running for President are locked in battle. Socialists all, they are competing to become the candidate who promises to give away the most tax dollars of yours. They are promising to give away everything to anyone who might be a potential voter whether or not they are a citizen. Why …

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Red Ink Rules

The federal government drools when it come to budgeting The federal deficit was $693 billion for the first half of fiscal year 2019. That is $94 billion more than the deficit recorded during the same period last year. By anybody’s numbers the deficit and our accumulated debt are too large. Quite simply our federal government …

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burning money

Our Gross Overspending … $1 Trillion Again

Fiscal insanity Fiscal insanity continues to reign in the District of Columbia. Congress steadfastly refuses to budget for the nation. It continues to authorize spending while refusing to acknowledge responsibility for repayment. There are no signs of a return to fiscal sanity in sight. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) indicates that …

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