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When You Elect Leftists you Invite Violence

Inverted Flag burning business

Looking down the road to November we need to remember elections have consequences. When you elect Leftists you invite violence. When you elect Leftists you are voting to end America. You knew or should have known this.

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The people of Chicago and other Leftist supporting cities have done exactly this. When are they going to acknowledge Democrat “leadership” brings about only pain, anxiety, and anarchy? All they have to do is look around themselves to see the results. Actions speak louder than words.

Chicago’s mayor is announcing the city is facing a $1.2 billion budget shortfall for the fiscal year 2021. Shocking right? First the Democrat Mayor and Governor locked the place down. Now they are supporting NIMBY rioting. The mayor is calling it a “catastrophic” economic collapse… Caused by YOU.

The Mayor had the gall to say, “On top of that colossal shortfall, the city’s financial picture worsened significantly during the past three months because of an ‘economic catastrophe caused by the coronavirus pandemic… The city’s budget for the current fiscal year is now $799 million in the red…” …Because of her actions.

I’m a bad leader, your taxes must go up to pay for my mistakes…

So, not exactly Lori. The virus is real. People have died from it. But not nearly as many as you led us to believe. And the economic impact is not from the virus. The economic impact is from the self-imposed restrictions.  You imposed the restrictions on your citizenry and your businesses.

More information about the virus has come out continually. We have come to understand the lethality of the disease. And it has been consistently and continuously overstated. Have there been any significant changes in the restrictions? No, not really. Are we listening to the same people still who blew the initial call and the follow-up calls? Yes, yes we are and you and your Leftist buddies are canceling dissenters.

You, the creatures of the government, and the press have acted irresponsibly. The CDC has an announcement. Only 6% of the virus deaths occurred in healthy people without other contributing conditions. That isn’t to say the disease isn’t dangerous. But it clearly isn’t what you told us it is. Your actions do not reflect virus reality. Looking down the road to November we need to remember elections have consequences.