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WMUR News 9

New Hampshire Channel Neun!

What is this I hear? Channel 9 is going to televise the NH’s Democrat Socialist’s gubernatorial debate on their little station but no Republican gubernatorial debate.

Biden Needs to Debate

Biden Needs to Debate Trump

Biden’s mental state appears to vacillate between confusion and belligerence. His mental faculties are front and center. The status of the Presidential debates is now in question. Why would any presidential candidate duck free air time unless he had something to hide?

Urgent Versus Important

Will reality have any real effect on political debate?

The conservative/liberal debate is interesting because both terms are undefined. It’s healthy to have this debate. But what exactly is the debate today? The terms have any meaning anyone wants to assign them, any time they feel like using them. Which is to say, they are utterly useless except as pejoratives.

GrokDebates – yes, we want to do them. We ARE going to do them going forward

Over the years, GraniteGrok has made it part of our Citizen Journalism to cover debates.  One reason is that we like listening (and critiquing) who was there, what was said, and to determine their political philosophies with respect to the NH Constitution, US Constitution, and to date, the NH GOP. We did debates, and covered …

GrokDebates – yes, we want to do them. We ARE going to do them going forward Read More »

December 19th, 2015

In our last live broadcast of 2015 we talk anti-gun groups, an energy paradox, Debates,Democrats Redistributing Democrat Data, Republican scheming, Budgets and spending, Immigration, and the latest in news, politics, and culture from New live shows begin Jan 9th, 2016