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Finally, Cojones from the Republican National Committee on Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates

We on the Right know that the Left has infested all of our Institutions in their Long March to move us from our Revolutionary War roots and our Founding Fathers’ vision of The Proper Role of Government.

The only bastions on which the Right still has a hold are Talk Radio and Independent news/opinion sites like GraniteGrok.

Sidenote: yes, we on the Right are making headway on our own Social Media sites but that’s still a work in process but we are weaning ourselves off the Collectivists there (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest of Big Tech as we build out our own “Right-sided eco-system”)

And nowhere else have most of us political junkies moan and groan is when televised “debates” show up every election cycle, especially those for the Presidential Primaries.  Now, if the Left is asking mild questions to Democrats (generally, most of the time, very few exceptions) up there on stage, we all know they won’t be when the Republicans get up there.

Remember the absolutely out of the blue/insane question from George Stephanopolous (former “Wonderkid” Democrat political operative in the Clinton White House acting like a “journalist”) about birth control? And who can forget that other “journalist” moderator Candy Crowley who took over Obama’s place in THAT Prez debate and argued with Mittens Romney as if she was the candidate?

Yeah, flying “active cover”. Yeah, gotchas galore.  And the RNC generally went along with the locations, formats, and moderators.

No longer?  Can we even begin to hope that the Republicans have FINALLY learned to wrest control of their own fates and how their candidates are portrayed in the mass media? How come they decided to let them be deceived by the “veneer” of non-partisanship nature of this while we out here are screaming “HACK!  HACK!  He’s a HACK!  She’s a HACK! WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS HAPPEN????” (reformatted, emphas mine):

RNC Announces Plans to Prohibit GOP Presidential Candidates From Attending Commission Debates

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced plans to require presidential candidates to avoid debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in the letter obtained by The Hill, “The RNC will initiate the process of amending the Rules of the Republican Party at our upcoming Winter Meeting to prohibit future Republican nominees from participating in CPD-sponsored debates.”

According to the letter, Republican voters have “lost trust” in the commission. McDaniel also pointed out the RNC has proposed ways to reform the process, as The Hill reports.

Ya THINK? The only question is WHY did this take so long? We’ve watched our possible candidates become pin cushions by smarmy operatives whose purpose was to ask questions that matter to LEFT – and not of interest to those on the Right. Or worse than pin cushions, not much smarter or likable than evil clowns.

And this should immediately be done here in NH as well.  Sorry, but when WMUR puts on the debates, they often aren’t much better – and I don’t think it will get better as WMUR has been listing more and more leftward over the last couple of years.


NEVER FEAR, dear readers, GraniteGrok is thinking of doing an alternative project to the MSM debates!

We have traditionally done ‘Grok Gauntlets with candidates where we Grokster authors gather and grill them (for about 2 hours) on all kinds of topics and situations in a rapid fire, round robin environment.  I’ve also asked you, readers, to provide questions for us to ask as well. Trust me when I say that OUR questions are far different than what most MSM “round tables” ask the candidates. After all, we are Liberty minded Conservatives and Libertarians – our outlooks are WAY different than journalists.

These have been recorded and used for us to figure out IF we are going to do an endorsement in a race (we are rather stingy in this area) and if so, whom?

However, I am thinking that we may well livestream / post them up this cycle with a culminating event when we put up everyone (yes, EVERYONE will be invited) in a single forum. A few questions from us (again) and then let them “interview” themselves.  I learn a lot more from the latter because not only what they know and philosophical bents come out but so does their character.

So, what do you think?

(H/T: IJR)