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Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) is Erasing History

One of the inconvenient truths about the climate debate is advocates’ need to manipulate data. They’ve been doing it for decades. Picking starting points that show favorable rises in data. Ignoring anything that contradicts the current dogma. And Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) is erasing inconvenient history.

Woman wearing an anti virus protection mask to prevent others from corona COVID-19 and SARS cov 2 infection

The Science Supports Your Right to Choose to Wear a Mask or Not

Every day it seems more and more people are jumping on the mask-wearing bandwagon, even as cases drop in New England. Sure, Texas and Florida cases are rising (not as alarming a rate as the mainstream media portrays, and more on that next time) but how is that relevant to New Hampshire?

Should you be a Slave to my fears?

Let My People Go

We should adjust our response based on the data. Instead, we have decided to keep people at home. Everything we have studied about quarantine, typically we quarantine the sick. We have never seen where we quarantine the healthy.

CDC Kung Flu

Math is hard.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not a biologist. I’m not a mathematician.  I don’t even PLAY any of those on social media. I am, however, well-read and an admitted, congenital skeptic.