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Your childrens’ future…

H/T John Hinderacker and Michael Ramirez…emphasis mine.

“If there is one thing we know for sure about the federal government, it is that it spends way too much money–around $3.54 trillion in FY 2012, with a $1.1 trillion deficit. You would think that the man who presides over this mess, Barack Obama, would have the decency to be embarrassed. He has, after all, run up more than $4 trillion in debt in a mere four years. But no: Obama displays no concern at all about the fact that he has mortgaged your children’s future. On the contrary, he adopts a self-righteous tone toward those who are trying to preserve your children’s inheritance by reining in wanton federal spending. This betrays, I think, a pathological lack of moral understanding.’

…a pathological lack of moral understanding?