Extremist Circumstances

Being a part time ‘hobby blogger’ who REALLY LIKES their hobby, I try to do more than is humanly possible.  (Yes, despite being a Conservative, I am also human).  One of the inhumanly impossible things I like to try to do but often fail (see also only ever did once last year that I can recall) is to visit the pages of other bloggers for content with the intent of linking and sharing it with our readers at GraniteGrok.

The ‘Other Bloggers’ in this instnce are folks I met at RightOnline 2012 or have since corresponded with–at least once to get their contact info–but have probably really been in contact with since then.  This is no reflection on any of us because we’re all busy rhetorically burning fossile fuels at both ends, so time is in short supply.  Everyone is busy working on their stories for their readers and that is as it should be.  But that does not mean we (or in this case me) do not mean well when we express a desire to share content.

So this morning (as my vacation winds down) I stepped out into the sphere to look for something to share but having forgotten to leave behind a trail of digital bread crumbs I got distracted and lost track of time.   The end result isn’t even a T-shirt that reads I went to GraiteGrok and all I got was More Right Wing Extremism.  Instead you get this.

Greg Gutfeld explaining why people think Republicans are extremist.


If it helps, I found this at Right-Reason.com, the home of #RO blogger Duane Lester.

Baby steps, right?

Next time I’ll cross-post something he actually wrote.