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What Is Your Back-Up Plan For Big Tech’s Election Night Trump-Blackout?

Twitter Jail


Needless to say, what Twitter means by “premature claims of victory” are President Trump, his campaign and his supporters declaring that Trump has won enough States to win the electoral college or that Trump has won this State or that State. And, needless to say, the reason for the censorship is that the Left intends to keep the election going until sufficient Biden ballots are “counted” to make Biden the victor.

So here is a suggestion to combat Twitter’s censorship … back-up lines of communication:

The problem is that Twitter will not be the only social media blacking out Trump and his supporters on election night. Big Tech is in it for Biden up to their eyebrows. From an article in America Greatness by Julie Kelly, which I urge you to read:

Simply put, the entirety of Silicon Valley is working, and will work, against Donald Trump and Republicans this year. The power they wield to control post-election information and communication is beyond mind-blowing; the resources they possess are immeasurable; and their ability to sway the outcome of the presidential election is real—and terrifying.

It’s why Joe Biden can innocently claim [at the first debate] in public that he’ll “accept” the results; he knows others are preparing to ensure the result is in his favor.

I do not know that much about Parler, but it appears to be an option if Twitter blacks us out:

And, of course, you can check Granite Grok regularly on election night, but I would suggest checking granitegrok.com directly as Facebook obviously is part of the coup.

If you have any ideas, I would be glad to hear them.