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Just STOP IT! And Throw Them Out!

Well, it seems that our legend in his own mind president picked a real peach of a Secretary of Homeland Security. Sure, this same legend has picked some other real peaches (Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, blah, blah, blah) but this guy couldn’t maintain his own security if going into a gender-neutral restroom.

Washington DC

Chris Pappas and Annie Kuster Want DC Admitted as a State

Both Chris “get rid of Live Free and Die” Pappas and Annie “I’m AOC’s BFF” Kuster wants DC admitted as a State – contra the US Constitution. But DC is not a State. At least not now. But the Dems want it BAD and they want it now.

Trump victory

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace! – VOTE!!!

Tomorrow is an important day for our state and our nation. President Trump has done so much for our country, with his most recent achievement being the appointment of his 3rd conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

Negron for congress sign

Congressional Candidate Steve Negron Supports the Electoral College!

Democrat leadership would like to abolish the Electoral College and instead, elect the president with a National Popular Vote.  That change would have severe negative consequences for our Constitutional Republic and would cost NH dearly – as our state (and many other states) would become insignificant in subsequent presidential elections.  This would lead to future …

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Steve Negron’s Campaign in Statistical Tie with Kuster

Congressional Candidate Steve Negron is surging in the polls and is now in a statistical tie with his opponent Ann Kuster.  He joined Ken Eyring and Tom Murray on the Windham Podcast to discuss his team’s campaign approach of going door to door and listening to voters.  He is an educated and articulate candidate who …

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Where are the Nashua Democrats?

Last Saturday, we attended a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) rally on the Nashua Library Plaza featuring Congresswoman Ann Kuster and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Dan Feltes. Only a couple of dozen people attended.