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The stakes in this election

The Stakes in This Election … Western Civilization

The stakes in this election are existential for America and western civilization. Those of us who continue to love America are conservatives and classical liberals. We need to explain the opposition wishes to destroy the nuclear family.

A Better Pledge

I have a friend, an immigrant from Israel, who recently moved to a new state, and put his kids in a new school, where they are being required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day.

One America, Two Perspectives

One America, Two Perceptions

Many are calling the upcoming election the most important in our history.  The two presidential candidates in this election clearly have diametrically opposing views of our country, the problems we face, and the solutions they offer.

It’s America That’s Exceptional, Not Americans

I was recently talking to a friend who moved from Israel to America about 30 years ago.  He’s been building a career, raising a family — basically living the American dream. He said that one of the reasons he wanted to come here was that he grew up hearing about ‘American exceptionalism’.

China Russia and U.S. are Clashing

China Russia and U.S. are Clashing at the UN

Thursday in discussing responsibility for the pandemic China, Russia and U.S. are clashing at the UN. Everybody agrees the virus is the source of disruption worldwide. It is causing interruptions in world trade. There are many virus related deaths. Allegations about responsibility for mishandling the virus are without resolution. There are charges and counter charges …

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Was Biden on the take?

We Have an Election Coming … Here’s why it is Important

We have an election coming in America. Here in America we take religious freedom for granted. But if our election this time goes Democrat the radicals controlling the party will opt for massive change. The radicals in the Democrat Party are receiving support from the violent wing including BLM, Antifa, Anarchists and Islamists. What follows …

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US Debt

How About a World Government with a New Currency?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this week that Joe Biden can be manipulated. Joe Biden is already in the process of turning his political agenda hard left. And she intends to move him in a more Leftist direction. All they have to do is get him elected. Stay with me here.