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Trump Border Security Address

US vs. The Ruling Class

You may have seen or heard what I’m about to share. But for some reason, while it has been around for 8 months, I’ve missed it. And while the issues covered are not new, I somehow missed these remarks by President Trump. Words that we need to hear.

Meritocracy… What is it?

In his 1958 novel George Young coined the term meritocracy. Classicists complain about the word because it has two roots. Merit is from Latin and cracy is from Greek. They claim the term is a hound dog in a thoroughbred language. Yeh, yeh, it’s a niggle. The more correct term would be the all Greek …

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Trump’s America – “One Squad Under God”

If you are looking for some Trump Love American Style, I’ve got you covered. By that I mean, Trump’s love for America, vets, law enforcement, border patrol, our armed forces, first-responders, workers, you know Americans.

Ann Kuster, Democrats wearing the party's traditional racist colors

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: America is 10% Better than Garbage

If you are a young freshman Democrat socialist in Congress, it’s cool to say things like where America is now is (totally, like) ten percent better than garbage. That would be the one and only Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Speaking at SXSW. Bashing Reagan and crapping on her country.

louis farrakahn

Louis Farrakhan Still Wants a Separate State for Black Americans

According to Louis Farrakhan God still wants a Separate State for Black Americans. It’s not a new idea. He’s been pitching it for years – not for himself but God. I wonder if he got the idea from Israel? That’s a joke. Farrakhan has been in the news a good deal for his anti-Semitism. “Will …

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