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Tearing It Down

Is America About Tearing It Down?

Is America about tearing it down? Our history says we are the best builders… ever. But today, mobs are defacing and tearing down our statues and monuments nationwide. They do so claiming “social justice.” Well, being full of hate has never produced justice.

How Long Are We Going to Tolerate

How Long Are We Going to Tolerate…

Many talking heads are trumpeting that radicals are hijacking peaceful protests. Well no, that is not true and it is time we wake up and smell the coffee. There is no groundswell of racial unrest. Radical Marxists and Islamists are using Blacks once again.

America Is a Success.

America Is a Success

There is ignorance and hate running loose in our streets, yet America is a success. There’s nothing new in that. Free society gives vent to tremendous ignorance; we tolerate it, up to a point. Tolerance is required in melding divergent groups into a new, stronger whole.