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Frank Edelblut

“We need to continue to have critical dialogues”

PUBLIC RANCOR and divisiveness are palpable. Any public comment risks being twisted and turned like a pretzel into something it is not. But we need to continue to have critical dialogues as a society. As one famous politician stated, “The antidote to bad speech is more speech, not less.”

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The Left Wants to Think of Us and Trump as Some Sort of Beaten Puppy

The Left wants to think of us and Trump as some sort of beaten puppy exiting. But they take away the wrong lesson. The outliers are given outsized voices by Leftists. Corporate media, Big Tech, and their toadies are trying to deceive and demoralize us. All they are doing is further destroying their credibility.

Leftists and conservatives

Does a “Two-State” Solution Lie in America’s Future?

Is there a solution to all this, what is it? Does a “two-state” solution lie in America’s future? Can there be a peaceful split where liberty lovers and communists part ways amicably? If so would each side then go off and create governments fitting their values and principles?

Censorship And Worse On The Horizon

It didn’t take long for the Leftist-elitist class to make their first post-election move, banning President Trump from their online platforms then trying to put a bullet into independent options (like Parler). Unfortunately, it’s a safe bet that they are going after the First Amendment in order to then go after the Second. At that …

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American Flag upside down distress


Americans are distressed. In response to this, they are flipping their flags. Displaying them upside down. Showing each other who among them finds the future of the nation critically in danger.

Lincoln warned

Lincoln Warned Us

Lincoln warned in 1838: Good men, men who love tranquility, who desire to abide by the laws, and enjoy their benefits, who would gladly spill their blood in the defense of their country;

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America at the crossroads

America is at a very dark and dangerous crossroads, and the path we choose will determine the very future of this nation. Over the past decades, we have seen one “victim class” after another become the tyrants who will tell us what to think, what to say, and how we must spend our money.