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Your Local Antifa: The Black Shirts of Critical Theory

When a woman ripped my wife’s “No Puberty Blockers” sign from her arms and ran away laughing into the Queen City Pride Festival last month, I knew better than to chase.

Last September, I made the mistake of stepping into the crowd at a joint Queen City Pride/Black Lives Matter rally off Elm street after Antifa organizer Matt Lawrence, dressed as a street medic with a cross made of red tape, had stolen and was vandalizing my “Marxism Ruins Everything” sign.

On a signal, the crowd formed a human shield, pressing up against me while Lawrence continued his vandalism. I raised up my hands and shouted, “I’m being assaulted!” 

“He has every right to have a different opinion. Give him back his sign,” a woman commanded. Lawrence handed back the vandalized sign with the letters for “Marxism” peeled off and “TRANSPHOBES” scribbled in its place, in response to my wife’s Save Women’s Sports flag, and walked back to the sidewalk. I didn’t notice a young man in black who followed me out as if he were escorting me.

On our way back to the car later that day, he and two of his companions followed us, often trying to block our way, and trying to provoke us by saying the most vulgar things they could. I suspect they were the designated security guards.

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Lawrence stopped by to taunt us again in June shortly before the “No Puberty Blockers” sign was stolen, and was kind enough to pose for the photo above.

All of this came back to me when I saw the video of Antifa thugs in LA who surrounded a woman, shoved her, tore apart her sign, and stole her glasses, all the time taunting her with vulgarities.

What makes Antifa so hard-hearted and how do they get away with so much?

Antifa doesn’t see people as individuals but as members of oppressor or oppressed classes. The Black Shirts have been deeply indoctrinated into critical theory, more commonly known as social or racial justice.

Although Antifa members are often armed with bear pepper spray, batons, and guns, they believe they are acting in self-defense, not committing violence. After all, our patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist system is inherently fascist, and therefore violent, and Antifa is the protector of marginalized peoples.

This neo-Marxist view impersonalizes their victims by reducing humans to abstract actors in historical conflicts. For example, one of their favorite chants is “all cops are bastards.”  It follows that Antifa celebrated the arson of a law-enforcement officer’s home. They also cheered when conservatives were shot to death in Portland and Denver.

The leaders of Democratic cities share these views and are happy to have the Black Shirts do their dirty work for them, so they ignore or even encourage Antifa. 

Antifa is no friend of the First Amendment because they believe that any dissension from their narrow Marxist views is violence, and it’s their job to silence those voices in the public square.

They recently ripped the sign and stole the glasses of a woman who had the temerity to stand up and say that someone who displays his penis to girls at a spa might not be a woman, and they are targeting pro-life events in Europe and the US.

So what can we do? 

First, call on our federal, state, and local officials to treat the Black Shirts as the terrorist group they are. Please send them emails, make phone calls, and stand up at public meetings.

Next, we need to stop the dehumanizing ideology from spreading through our schools, colleges, and churches. If anyone puts a modifier in front of “justice” the alarms should go off. We’re learning the hard way that you can’t be just a little Marxist.

Watch the mob come after me at last September’s Queen City Pride/BLM event: