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Where are the Nashua Democrats?

Last Saturday, we attended a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) rally on the Nashua Library Plaza featuring Congresswoman Ann Kuster and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Dan Feltes. Only a couple of dozen people attended.

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This weekend, we attended a GOTV rally featuring US Senator Jeanne Shaheen in Nashua’s Greeley Park. There were about ten members of Shaheen’s staff working the rally.

In attendance was Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess, Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli, NH Senator Cindy Rosenwald, and NH Senator Melanie Levesque. Besides them, there were only two or three dozen people attending, including a group of five children that refused to socially distance, even after being warned.

We then visited the graveyard created by NH Rights & Democracy on Nashua City Hall Plaza to mourn Governor Chris Sununu’s vetoes over the last two years. There were five people participating in the event, as well as two Nashua state reps, and only a handful of people who happened to be walking by who stopped to look out of curiosity.

Where are the Nashua Democrats? Are they too afraid to leave their houses? We’ve attended these events before and I was always impressed with the large crowds.

The Shaheen rally in Greeley Park had a perimeter set up which was guarded by staff. To get through, you had to stop at a desk, answer questions, give your contact information, use hand sanitizer, put on a mask, and agree to social distance. We were told that if anyone later reported a COVID-19 infection, then everyone in attendance would be notified. These are extraordinary measures at an outdoor event on a breezy day where the virus is extremely unlikely to spread.

Meanwhile, the NH Democrats are repeating the falsehood that President Trump’s rally at the airport hangar in Londonderry, NH was a “super spreader” event. Many at the rally didn’t wear masks and Trump had a large crowd, but not a single case of COVID-19 has been traced to that event.

This “super spreader” lie has been repeated so many times by the NH Democrats that Jeanne Shaheen embarrassed herself by telling it at the WMUR-TV debate with her opponent, Corky Messner, upon which Corky immediately corrected her.

This makes me wonder if the Nashua Democrats understand the virus at all. It could help explain why the Nashua Board of Aldermen passed such a draconian mask mandate if they are living in so much fear of COVID-19 that attending an outdoor event requires so many precautions and yet people stay away in droves.