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Main Street

How New Hampshire Businesses Are Overcoming COVID-19

COVID-19 was a huge hurdle for many businesses everywhere, but many are slowly picking up their bootstraps and getting back to work. New Hampshire businesses in particular have been raring to get operations up and running as a way to boost the local economy. Our previous

Burger King

“Have it Your Way”: The WuFlu Safety Kabuki Theater at Burger King (and Everywhere Else)

TMEW, the Grandson, and I had to go run a bunch of errands yesterday (and pretty much all day). And at the end, TMEW and I looked at each other: “yep, fast food.” It was, again, getting late and neither of us wanted to wait for food to cook at home. So, we picked up …

“Have it Your Way”: The WuFlu Safety Kabuki Theater at Burger King (and Everywhere Else) Read More »

Welcome to portsmouth

Josiah Bartlett: Mask Mandates and the Urge to Control

Portsmouth’s City Council approved a mask mandate on a 7-2 vote last week. The city had fewer than five known active coronavirus infections the day the ordinance passed, meaning more councilors voted for the ordinance than there were active cases in the city, NH Journal pointed out.

Covid test positive

A September Surge in Coronavirus in N.H. Finds no Surge in the Disease

There was big coronavirus news for New Hampshire this week, and most of the media missed it.  At his Thursday press conference, Gov. Chris Sununu displayed a graphic (pictured below) showing that the average number of coronavirus tests per day has more than doubled since mid-August.

Meeting and Protest on Forcing Nashua Businesses to Be Mask Police

The Nashua Mayor and most of the Nashua Board of Aldermen want to force businesses to be the mask police. At the Aldermanic Personnel/Administrative Affairs Committee meeting on Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 pm, the committee members will discuss the proposed amendment to the Nashua mask ordinance.