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The Lies the Republicans Tell Each Other!

Baby at 23 weeks

I just read an email from Cornerstone (a Conservative Christian group) Executive Director, @Shannon McGinley. It was titled “Let’s Party!” Apparently, Cornerstone wants us to Celebrate the Governor signing the budget omnibus bill which included a (much to do about nothing) abortion ban.

Cornerstone’s certainly not the first to grab this paper tiger by the tail. Senator Bob Giuda warned that the blood of aborted babies would be on Representatives’ hands if they didn’t pass HB2! That’s a serious claim and one that should not be taken or thrown around lightly or ignorantly. HB2 places some restrictions on abortions after 24 weeks.

How many babies are aborted in New Hampshire after 24 weeks? Are any? Are hundreds?

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It seems that would be valid information any respected legislator would want to know in making such a determination. How many and for what cause? Why 24 weeks and not 18?

Surely there was well-informed deliberation that led these wise law-givers to arrive at these laws, such as how many abortions take place in the first 8 weeks and for what cause, and how many at 18 weeks and so on.

Surely there was some good reason that 24 weeks was agreed upon and others were rejected. Surely these honorable Senators and Representatives would not just concoct laws based on arbitrary terms they dream up with no informed rationale whatsoever? No?

Unfortunately, no.

New Hampshire has no requirement to report abortions and does not provide any information to the CDC. They have a vaccine Registry but when it comes to abortion statistics in New Hampshire, nada, nothing, bupkis! Vermont reports abortion statistics and if we look at those, only about 1.7% of abortions are performed after 21 weeks.

Did our honorable legislators consider this before concocting their abortion bill? Did all the “conservative” PACS and action committees consider the facts before bowing the knee at the altar of Sununu and the Republican RINO Party and supporting HB2? No, I seriously doubt they gave it any serious thought at all.

They lied to each other and they are lying to the people now, telling us how great all the gaslighting is and what a great job they all did, and how we should celebrate the most conservative budget ever!

Then there’s my favorite lie, “These problems didn’t happen overnight, they happened over several years and it will take several years (of electing me) to correct them!”

I’ve heard Bob Giuda and other legislators say something along those lines many times.

Another iteration is, “We didn’t get the bill that we wanted but we got the best bill we could get.” This is the conciliatory lie legislators and lobbyists and PACs tell us and each other when someone finally wises up and says “hey wait a minute, this isn’t really that great at all.”

Change comes in “baby steps” they tell each other, nodding in mutual absolution. That is of course a blatant lie.

Abortion was historically banned in New Hampshire after 8 weeks. Abortions were recorded and closely regulated. Doctors could refuse to perform abortions out of conscience without fear of reprisal. All that changed at the stroke of Jeanne Shaheen’s pen in 1997. New Hampshire became one of the most liberal abortion states in America overnight.

Democrats apparently never got the memo about baby steps.

JR Hoell (603 Alliance / ReopenNH) commonly instructs new Representatives that incrementalism (baby steps) is how the Democrats are beating Republicans. They understand incrementalism and we do not. We demand too much at once and lose to the Democrats. That is another huge lie.

We are not losing to Democrats. We are losing to Republicans.

What did this “Red Wave” buy us? We have a majority in the House, and a majority in the Senate, and a Republican Executive. So who are we fighting to carry out the agendas of the Republican Party platform? Not the Democrats! No, it’s the people in our own party we are fighting, (the Governor, the entire Senate, House leadership, and a majority of Representatives in the House, and it doesn’t stop there.

We are fighting supposedly conservative groups that are also tied into the politics of Concord and playing the same games as the RINOs. And we are fighting weak and unprepared Representatives that follow the pack instead of the constitution or even the party platform.

If not the Democrats, then who exactly did we have to make concessions with? Why do we have a 24-week abortion ban that will really only save afew babies instead of an 8-week ban that would actually save thousands from being murdered?

Who were we negotiating against? Who forced us to compromise? Who decided this was not the law we wanted but was the best we could get? Who made that determination and told “Team GOP” and all the PACs to back it? Who did we have to negotiate with on Critical Race Theory, and the FMLI income tax trojan horse, and zoning etc? Who demanded concession?

Let me give you a hint fellow Republicans, it wasn’t the Democrats…. but you watch. They will be the clear and present danger when the NH GOP starts flogging that dead horse for donations. That’s the biggest lie Republicans tell each other!

Oh, and yes, the picture is of a premature baby delivered at 23 weeks. Remember these when these charlatans ask you to celebrate their victory!

Wes Chapmon
New Hampshire Constitutional Republicans

That 23-weeks at birth baby
That 23-weeks at birth baby

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