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Black Lives Matter Is a Very Violent and Racist Organization

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To The Daily Sun,

Hockey is one of my favorite sports and I was looking forward to seeing the newly structured playoffs. Imagine my surprise five minutes into the first game when they cut to a large banner that read “We skate for Black Lives Matter.”

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My personal view is that Black lives do matter just as much as all lives matter. Unfortunately, the Black Lives Matter organization they are skating for is, by any measure, a very violent and racist organization.

BLM is a well-funded political organization whose agenda goes way beyond equality for black people. I’m old enough to recall another well-funded violent, racist organization called the Ku Klux Klan. Americans finally dismissed this kind of behavior long ago and now, for some reason, we are welcoming it back into our homes?

We witness daily images of rioting, damaging property, burning buildings, and looting by individuals carrying “Black Lives Matter” signs. We’ve heard the interviews from their representatives saying, “we’re going to burn it to the ground.” We’re now seeing police offers getting shot in broad daylight.

It may be possible that these individuals aren’t sanctioned by BLM but who would know that? I’ve not heard one word of condemnation from the BLM organization. While the president attempts to condemn the violence, his opponents continue to entice it under the false premise that it’s his fault. Really? After eight years of Obama and 40 plus years of Joe Biden’s government service, why aren’t they to blame? By all appearances, they are simply bothered because Donald Trump breaths air.

Every day, the Democrat leadership tells us the violence will continue if they don’t get their way. Sounds to me like a threat from a bunch of spoiled brats. Why on earth would anyone be compelled to sponsor such organizations that promote violence? Why on earth would anyone put a sign on their front lawn that promotes a violent organization? Would we be watching sporting events that display banners and logos on their shirts that read, “we play for the KKK”? I’m never going to support violent organizations in any way. I’m going to miss watching sports but I’m sure I’ll find things more worthy of my attention.

Terry Stewart
Alton Bay