Media Admits HCQ Works - Doc Demands Apology: Says, “Somebody needs to get their behind sued so bad" - Granite Grok

Media Admits HCQ Works – Doc Demands Apology: Says, “Somebody needs to get their behind sued so bad”

Dr. Stella Imannuel Demands an apology

Imagine millions of lives saved. The political response to the pandemic, pointless. A cheap, globally tested, safe, approved, and abundant remedy for COVID19 existed, and it worked. We always had it, but now that the Media is allowing you to say that, this Doc says people need to get sued.

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Dr. Stella Immanuel and her peers became targets of the media, politicians, and the Left (in general) when they stood in front of a microphone in DC and said, Hydroxychloruqine is safe, it works, and it saves lives. She’s right, and Tony Fauci knew it, but that was not the approved narrative at the time, so they went after Dr. Stella Immanuel and anyone else who dared tell the truth.

We dared and continue to both do it and support those who wish to as well, despite the cost to us on social media and the loss of web traffic that follows that. The decision, by our reasoning, was that the question of Hydroxychloroquine was one for doctors and patients, and this is ironic.

The people who claim to be the biggest supporters of choice, especially when it comes to “women’s health care,” stepped in between millions of people (including women), and their doctors took this choice away. In many cases scared them (the doctors and patients) away from it.

They threatened to pull physicians’ or even pharmacists’ licenses to practice.

They pilloried, smeared, and canceled anyone who dared to suggest that a perfectly safe 50-year-old drug with a history of doing exactly what we needed (for children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with comorbidities, everyone) was anything but suspicious, dangerous, or deadly.

The Left even faked a scary study, widely reported. What was not reported was that the study was faked, the operation that created it appearing and disappearing after actual scientists forced its retraction.

Damage done, Hydroxychloroquine went from safe, common, OTC med in much of the world to a poison political football in the US. At the cost of many tens of thousands of lives.

Dr. Immanuel is mad as hell. She’s calling for an apology from the media, the left, even Joe Biden. And for good measure, she thinks, Somebody needs to get their behind sued so bad.”

We agree and suggested it months ago. The malfeasance perpetrated resulted in complications and death, and not just from the WuhanFlu. Businesses, families, the cost of lockdowns and quarantines and facemasks, and the suicides, all of it was unnecessary.

The narrative that this had an excessive impact on minorities, if true, would have been a non-issue with the abundant accessibility and use of HCQ and zinc.

The truth was available, but they suppressed it. These lies were deliberate—the malfeasance politically motivated. The effect was meant to destroy an economy and a people in the pursuit of an agenda that had nothing to do with public health. And more than a few Republicans went along with it.

And now they want to pretend that never happened. Ah, what a knee slapper, sorry about that.

The narratives you peddled killed people. Millions of people. Trump didn’t do that, you did, and now someone does need to pay. A lot of someones in politics, media, and social media. So, who’s first?

Here’s Dr. Immanuel with her list of ‘suggestions.’ (64 sec.)