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Left-Wing Lies That Cost People Their Lives

Truth Lies

The media and politicians have lied a lot in years past. These prevarications set a historic pace since 2016, with 2020 breaking records. Not little white (supremacist?) lies. Not even just gross exaggerations. These lies cost people their lives.

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It begins with the name of the virus and then evolves into a conspiracy to scare people away from something that can cure them if they test positive (for real) and need treatment.

A drug you can give to literally anyone without fear of complication or side effect. A drug that was deliberately taken off the table of public awareness through lies, fear, and manipulation.

Not just by talking heads and political hacks but federal, state, and local medical bureaucracies doing their bidding. People who knew it worked or would work to alleviate not just symptoms but fear.

The lies were about maintaining fear which they continue to perpetuate to this day.

Dr. Simone Gold has yet another video making the rounds, and this time YouTube can’t unplug her. America’s Frontline Doctors have a secure website, and it’s a popular destination if its Alexa rank is any indication, and it is.

We’ve got the entire video, but it is almost an hour, so here’s the first part edited down to just over six minutes. It is a crucial 377 seconds. This certified emergency physician quickly explains, what may be a refresher for our regular readers, the fraud the American media and politicians perpetrated over a miraculous, safe, over the counter drug to treat the current Corona variant with the 19 at the end of its name.

A drug would have saved tens of thousands of lives if not for the lies.

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