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Doctors Telling You Not to Live in Fear Censored, Videos Blocked – Website Pulled Down

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Anything that the Left opposes this much is worth our time. And to say they object to the following is an understatement. It’s from a group brought together by Jenny Beth Martin and the Tea Party Patriots to share some great news about COVID19. There is a treatment, and it works.

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It’s the same one we’ve been telling about since mid-March. Hydroxychloroquine.

Sadly, if you have not already seen the live streams or video (or visited the website), you’ll have some trouble finding out about it. YouTube has pulled down all their video for violating the terms of service. The same is true for Twitter and Facebook. This information challenges the sacred texts of the Left, and their media dogs have censored it. And Squarespace yanked the entire webspace this morning.

You are not allowed to hear or decide for yourselves, and anyone appearing at these recoded events will be or is being ruined for daring to propose any treatment that could end their psychological warfare and domestic terror event.

The Cardinals of the Church of Old and New Media are giving you a penance and directing you to the UN’s corrupt and incompetent Wolrd Health Organization for re-education.

We’re here to help. We’ve got some of that video. This is Dr. Stella Emannuel (below). She discusses her own positive experience using Hydroxychloroquine – the primary reason the Media is pulling these down. They talk about it a lot because of its affordability, abundance, and efficacy. In their professional opinions, it justifies ending any lockdown or quarantine. It allows the nation to go back to work, school, and life without fear.

The Left does not want that.

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But even CNN has had to admit that the stuff works. The NIH (Fauci’s Group) knew this in 2005. But for some reason, these doctors have to be censored.

This clip’s audio and video are not synced. It’s probably a poor screen grab of the source video, but the sound is what you need. The full synced version of the press conference that includes this clip can be seen here.

Dr. Stella Immanuel – Houston TX

We’ve got some more to share, so stay tuned.