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Mr. Sununu, a True Republican Would be Repulsed by What You’ve Done


His Majesty Chris Sununu (Peace be upon him) got some airtime on the Collusion News Network (CNN). Given his recent antics, it’s the best place for him. Endless Emergency Orders and now anti-gun rhetoric. Maybe he has a future there. Until then, let’s deal with this.

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“I can’t convince people of the science. If you’re not buying into the science of what’s happening now, there’s not a lot of hope there, frankly. What I do implore people to understand is the restrictions are not about you. It’s about your neighbors and your community. We wear masks for others. We maintain social distance for others,” Sununu said.

The wrong here is epic. From thirty-thousand feet, this is a plea to collectivist rhetoric. The state’s right to use force to infringe natural or individual rights for the benefit of some shadowy others labeled “the community.”

In New Hampshire, using the state’s own data, the likelihood of someone in “the community” surviving a lab verified positive COVID19 test (whatever that means) looks like this.

NH COVID 1-3-2021 Survival Rate

Looking at the numbers (and everything is about cases), would you say we are all in this together? That we all need to buy-in to the collectivism regardless of the real harm it does to people with nothing to fear from COVID19.

Or does this look like an isolated concern for a small number at high risk?

If you are honest, the latter is how flu season has always been and should be. We’d have gone to school, work, concerts, events, weddings, and even funerals when we lost loved ones.

Our small businesses would not have closed or been restricted. Our employees never left to rely on a state or federal government for a handout they might more easily obtain if they taught gender studies in an Islamic country (a public health risk all its own).

We would not have experienced an exponential increase in sunuicidal ideation or a rise in suicide, drug abuse, or overdose deaths.

No children in NH have died from the Rona, but they have from the response. How’s that we working out for the “community?”

That “we” suffered as a result of political force.

But there is no state right to make us give up our jobs or livelihoods – including being forced to wear a mask that could be more harmful to us than beneficial to the ‘collective’ over which Mr. Sununu obsesses. This brings us to “the science.”

You can’t convince us of “your” science because it is contradicted by science, and that is very telling. If you were more inclined to Republicanism than Collectivism, your natural political instinct would be repulsed by what you’ve done.

Instead, you proudly go on CNN and defend it.

In science, a theory or assumption or even practice or procedure is only as good as the lack of evidence that challenges it. Your science has been met with significant challenges, often from the very people who are now contradicting themselves to pander to the politics.

There are challenges to your ‘science’ worldwide, in dozens of studies, and commentary by tens of thousands of people, on every layer of this deception, with better credentials than a Ski resort-manager turned-politicians with an infamous family name.

With medical masks, your latest insult, the understanding has long been that they are not used to stop a virus, are not rated for general public use, will not ‘stop the spread,’ and have side-effects that can be serious.

These are all facts that were gospel until COVID but continue to be ignored or suppressed because they challenge continued acts of force by politicians such as yourself.

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What few studies try to suggest “face coverings” (cloth or medical) can do what no one has ever said they can, have been pulled or debunked, or are countered by evidence that they cannot and do not perform as advertised.

There is no evidence they do what you claim. Most of the evidence shows they do not and if the data is to be believed, do the opposite.

They do cause harm, which is well known, also ignored, especially for children, as this recent research confirms.

Your epidemiologist may disagree, but thousands of them disagree with him. Your science has more than enough challenges to invalidate it as science. Masks do not stop the spread. Lockdowns and distancing do not stop the spread. Cases rise regardless, and in that regard, well over 99% of NH residents have nothing to fear if they test positive.

But you said it on CNN, so they were glad you agreed with them.

And as far as the idea that your science should trump mine, again, why chose the side of tyranny over liberty unless you plan to run as a Democrat.