NH Gov Sununu is Shame-Blaming Protesters About Guns? What About That Meeting He Called That "Never Existed"? - Granite Grok

NH Gov Sununu is Shame-Blaming Protesters About Guns? What About That Meeting He Called That “Never Existed”?

Chris Sununu is playing it up. Making himself a victim of protesters with guns (keep reading, I’ll tell you about him and guns in a couple of minutes). It’s the same Democrat technique that draws attention away from what someone is doing to blame others for something more often, made up.

I wonder about his claim. If everyone is now a victim, who is left to make them victims? Strawmen? Or, if we’re going for the Left’s Equality and Equity deal, Strawwomen? But I digress…

When I wrote about that bolded part above to the other Groksters, I immediately thought “Oh wait, there’s a post in that line somewhere!”  I can do a post about the meeting that never existed.

It happened near the end of his first term and was held at the Bridges House. When I got the invite, I was told to keep it on the down-low but that I was going to be asked about my opinion on a number of things.

Sidenote: yeah, somebody else ran to the Press and spilled the beans. If I had wanted the eyeballs, I would have done it on GraniteGrok but some spineless pencil-necked glory-craving little wretched decided it wanted some secondary sense of accomplishment…but I’m going to do it now.

As I drove up in my then-new truck, I noticed a small number of other Conservative – Liberty folks tightly pulling themselves into a group and I could tell they were nervously agitated as in “what, YOU’RE here? and YOU too?”

When I stepped out of the truck, the phrase “what’s going on here?” rang out. And as more and more people arrived, that was repeated over and over again. Why were we being “singled” out?

So at this meeting that nobody went to because it never existed, he and his minions were warned by a number of the extremely influential “influencers” (who weren’t there because there was no meeting) that in no uncertain terms that this WAS a hill THEY were willing to die against.  He and his minions were warned – DON’T!  These were some of the most vocal, respected, and Trusted voices on the Right here in NH.  Has he, and his “Smartest Political People In The Room” minions, thought about what their message will be to THEIR followers, NON-STOP, from here until the general election?  Because he and his minions think that riding the PC train for a small, teeny-tiny segment of a swath of the electorate that wouldn’t vote for him anyways is FAR better than pissing off all these influencers and all the conservative and faith-based people that listen to THEM and not to politicians with stump speeches?

Stupid Party, indeed. Scott Brown, Kelly Ayotte, Walt Haverstein; remember them?

The Bridges House filled up with conservatives to whom Sununu thought he was going to lecture (and did). It was a slick presentation. A real Powerpoint humdinger.

A lot of time had been put into it with a large, LARGE monitor wheeled in for us to watch all of the things he had “accomplished” (to which almost everyone in the room thought “that’s nice, here’s the polite round of applause that you expected). And then the response from most of us was “that’s nice, but as a Republican, THAT’S YOUR JOB. That’s the baseline expectation.

Now, let’s talk about the stuff you did that goes AGAINST a Conservative agenda. Remember, we got you in, we can take you out (of office). Lots of people emphasized those things that would have put smiles on Progressives’ faces – but in THIS crowd, each “rememberance” from someone wound up the next person.

By the time it was my turn, it was PREACHER time!  And I didn’t care who it was (including Jeanne Forrester, then-current chair of the NH GOP sitting next to me who got her share of buckshot) or the policies (and I mentioned a number of them that had drawn our collective ire).

I was loaded for bear.

If Sununu thought that he was going to lecture us, he had the wrong crowd. He had invited 60-80 of the most influential, the most knowledgeable, the most vocal, maybe the largest Conservative audience and followers in the State.

He thought he was going to “turn us around.” Instead, almost everyone took their pound of flesh out of his hide. Fond memories of that invite – he thought he was going to give us a “what for” to ensure we’d support him. Instead, he laid his own trap for himself and brought us in so we could eat him alive.

We turned on him. Good and hard. He was rather miffed and you could easily tell he wasn’t happy. Here he was trying to stoke up support for his next campaign and ended up getting sliced and diced. “Tone deaf” was a phrase I heard a number of times and it was QUITE clear that he didn’t understand what his problem was. Not to the level of “deer in headlights” but plenty of taken aback and confused “what is it that they aren’t getting” platitudes.

Guns. Oh, GUNS! I almost forgot. As the room was filling up with “attendees”, we all kept looking at each other a bit nervously, never expecting this many of “our folks” at a secret meeting (supposedly). I noticed a number of State Troopers milling about thinking “for what possible reason are all those folks here – are they expecting something bad to happen?”. It was obvious that others had the same thoughts (see above “nervously agitated”).

So I went over to DJ Bettencourt, one of Sununu’s many staffers that were there (since some of us were joking that we were there to be “taken out”) and “wondered to him” about the Troopers – what was going on. I remarked to him “You know, at least half of the crowd here is carrying, right?”. He seemed rather nonplussed about my remark:

“I assume EVERYONE here is carrying”.

So if DJ was thinking that, so did all the Troopers. I figured that Sununu would have been clued in as well. Yet, he didn’t act at all afraid or concerned with the idea that many of the people giving HIM the what for in no uncertain terms were most likely better shots than his protective staff. And that they were outgunned. We all knew each other – they had no clue. And yes, I had cautiously asked around before, during, and after – much better then half were armed. Much, much more.

Yet, he wasn’t concerned at all – not one bit. And yes, once we realized who was really on the menu, there was some agitation. But not him.

So why now? Rick nails it – this is nothing but PR. What Sununu isn’t taking into account is that he’s heading into the same territory that other Democrat Governors and Mayors are in this regard – not a good look and REALLY bad PR with many of us. He’s trying to blame guns for his actions – and like those Antifa-infested dens, he’s played the same card. So why now?

Steve, too – this is just fearmongering. Merely a political deflection away from the more serious problems of his Emergency Orders and what they have wrought. That his Government has taken and decided to further “group-erize” his citizens into essential and non-essential. Also, the economy. That his, like many totalitiarian governments, mandated behaviors that people don’t like. And that are finally saying “we’ve had enough”. He’s facing a rebellion, an Irish Democracy, that is turning on him and he’s not liking it at all.

What he doesn’t recognize is that his decisions are reaping his consequences. People have had it with his “Public Safety trumps Everything” outlook; they believe the Constitution trumps him and are finally starting to pull their consent.

Of course, his folks are monitoring NH social media and sites – they know that there is a growing percentage of people who could have been in the movie “Network” (“I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”) who have had it with him being a Unitary Governer (having taken unto himself the Legislative and Judiciary Powers from those two now supine Branches of NH Government).

Let’s face it, the number for Absolute Defense is rather small. ReBuildNH could bring out a few thousand people and if they are hootin’ and hollerin’ with pots and pans, it’s a TERRIBLE look for him.

Sununu is more upset that folks would do that to him at his “shining moment” with the Press ready to be the Democrat mouthpieces they are around and Ray Buckley ready to take any political advantage of Republicans coming out against him. So, into the hidey-hole he goes.

I was watching the Godfather II last night – this reminds me of the scene where the Cuban President realizes that the Castro rebels are about to catch his hide and he abdicates and runs away – a cowardly act in leaving his “followers” for the communist wolves descending upon the capital. He couldn’t bear to face the opposition?

Et Tu, Chris? Can’t face a bunch of pots and pans?