Virus Socialism Update: Masks Have Become America's Mao Suits - Granite Grok

Virus Socialism Update: Masks Have Become America’s Mao Suits

Mao Suits

The mantra “We Need to Increase Testing™” was always about scaring people. The more “infections” you report, the easier it is to keep the economy down. And Democrats want the economy kept down. But they want something else even more.

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Obedience to power.

States are reporting a rapid rise in confirmed COVID19 infections. It’s all over the news. But increased cases have no correlation to deaths, which is the only metric that matters.

We don’t want anyone to die, but that includes people made destitute by acts of government force. So, any policy decisions based on a rise in positive tests should embrace this fact.

Maskholes Post it humor resizedTo date, it has not, and there does not appear to be any stomach among the sheeple or their doomsaying shepherds to embrace that. And this is a problem; created by the media and the Democrat purveyors of the new Mao Suit, masks.

Mask compliance is a sign of obedience to the state. Refusing to wear one earns you the derogatory label, anti-masker. But the anti-maskers are not on the wrong side of history.  There is little advantage to wearing one in public and none for wearing it outdoors.

But the mob wants to keep us down and so they will even though the data suggests there is no reason.

Daily New Cases US care of RCSB

Daily new Deaths COVID19 Care of RCSB

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And we know why. There is no correlation because there is no correlation.

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

But this is about politics, not public health. The chicken-little media dutifully squawks about the sky falling as career politicians like Nancy “more than two scoops” Pelosi calls for a national mask mandate, and Democrat presidential candidates like Joe Biden say they’d use Federal force to mandate one.

Why? A symbol of obedience to the will of the state.

Masks are the new Mao Suits.