New CDC Data Showing Ineffectiveness of Masks Will have Fact Checkers Spinning - Granite Grok

New CDC Data Showing Ineffectiveness of Masks Will have Fact Checkers Spinning

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The Fact-Checkers will be all over this because it contradicts the approved narrative. The ruling class mandate is for mask mandates, distancing, and economic lockdowns. But a sample of data collected by the Centers for Disease Control does not reliably confirm this political diagnosis.

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So we are clear, Mr. and Mrs. Factchecker, the pipers at CDC and NIH have not changed their tune. They are still recommending cloth face coverings and social distancing. But the “Community and Close Contact Exposures Associated with COVID-19 Among Symptomatic Adults ≥18 Years in 11 Outpatient Health Care Facilities” report does not provide proof that this regiment is effective.

The report shows the numbers of infected in the study group based on various traceable or self-reported behaviors. It is not a large sample but were the results the opposite of what they found, everyone would have heard about this by now.

Few have, which says a lot.

Put simply, the more often someone wore a face covering, the more likely they were to get infected or show symptoms.

Reported use of face coverings

Here’s the full table.

CDC Table cloth face coverings

It is not a flattering result.

But I’m sure the fact-checkers are already on it. You can’t maintain proper messaging control without them—an essential component of any fledgling police state. But some people who are doing something (wearing masks) may begin to ask questions. Like, are these things making me more vulnerable or less?