Experts Admit: The Public Health Establishment Is Torturing Your Children For No Apparent Reason - Granite Grok

Experts Admit: The Public Health Establishment Is Torturing Your Children For No Apparent Reason

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Our coverage of the ongoing domestic abuse and terrorism of American children continues with the help of Tucker Carlson. He did a quick recap of news you might have missed over the long holiday weekend, including the revelation by “experts” that kids could and should have been learning in-person.

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Yes, Fauci, Inc. admitting that kids were never a vector for transmission to other kids or anyone else is exciting. And yes, he has been a serviceable health-care demi-god to the Left’s political-covidiots.

No, the teacher’s unions will not likely budge from the current plan in Democrat-controlled districts. Back in June, a super-majority of them didn’t want to teach during COVID without a vaccine (the party line). That has been the union position and Democrat party position all along. With few exceptions, only Democrats have advanced the politicized no-in-person schooling guidance.

This makes no scientific sense if kids are not a vector of transmission, which was clear to many in April/May. It also makes no sense when a super-majority of educators have a 99% plus survivability rate with COVID, even including those who are comorbid.

None of this is new or news. Doctors aid it, even the president, back in July. “Stop this nonsense, open our schools.”

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The Rub

It’s becoming clear that Fauci, Inc. knew this to be true as well and lied about it even, to quote Tucker in the video below),” as children began to kill themselves” in response to the political response.

Children are seeing double-digit (20-30%) increases in suicidal ideation, complications from addiction, abuse, and suicide continue to be a topic on our pages that few others will broach because it messes with the approved narrative.

Kids are also not learning, falling into poverty, and this is shortening their lifespans.

Left-wing armchair experts have trolling for months on the issue while accusations about murder and death are common all over the Twitter machine.

Their approved experts were wrong, ours were right, and the experts at Fauci Inc. knew it but never said anything. That means their advocates and cheerleaders are the child abusers and thoughtless murderers. That Facebook’s fact-checkers probably censored or disclaimed the truth in deference to the approved lie (and this is but one of many such examples).

The end result of all this is that “The public health establishment has tortured your children for 8 months for no apparent reason.” Another quote from Tucker Carlson, who gave this message the sort of wider attention it deserves.

Previous efforts at educating the public on the truth have been stymied by Big Tech, the Lefty-Media machine, and its zombie-troll army.

Democrats lied, children died, but not from COVID19. Perhaps a reparations bill is in the works; the DNC should pay it, same as with slavery.

One more point. The NH Education Commissioner Edelblut and company recommended in-person learning before the school year started and were roundly criticized by the same asshats of whom I speak.

They were all wrong, every last one of them. If you happen to find any of their fraudulent declarations, abuses, or insults (passed off as expert opinion), please screen grab it and send it our way. We’d love to share that in the context of what is nothing more than systemic child abuse by Democrats and Teachers Unions.

Here’s Tucker with all this and more.