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My Response to Pocket-Stalin’s (Steve Shurtleff’s) Response to Deb Stevens

Kim Morin posted about Democrat Rep Deb Stevens’ lunatic Facebook post here.

Here is Stevens’ lunatic Facebook post:

The House GOP subsequently called on Speaker Steve Shurtleff (I prefer Pocket-Stalin) to discipline Stevens as he has disciplined GOP Reps for social-media posts he has found objectionable:

And here is Pocket-Stalin’s response:

Classic what-about-ism. No condemnation of Stevens, not even any real criticism of Stevens … just … oh yeah, well what about your people’s social media.

It is fair to ask whether what disappoints Pocket-Stain is the substance of Stevens’ post … or that she was so brazen in saying it. Given that Pocket-Stalin couldn’t bring himself to disavow or even distance himself from the substance of Stevens’ post … it’s fair to say that what disappoints Pocket-Stalin is simply the brazenness of the post.

Another point. This one for the House GOP. NO … one of your “primary responsibilities” is NOT to maintain what Pocket-Stalin sees as “the integrity and dignity of the New Hampshire House.” Your primary responsibility is to represent the GOP voters who elected you.

In this case it means calling out Pocket-Stalin for pooh-poohing Stevens’ lunacy, his hypocrisy in removing GOP members from committees for social media he finds offensive, and his arrogance in not apologizing to the thousands of law-abiding individuals Stevens besmirched.

The press release was a good first step, but it should just be a first step.