Nashua Dem Rep Deb Stevens' Political Facebook Page is Suddenly "Not Available" - Granite Grok

Nashua Dem Rep Deb Stevens’ Political Facebook Page is Suddenly “Not Available”

Deb Stevens Facebook Page Unavailable

Nashua Democrats continue to demonstrate what a train wreck their representation has been. This month’s poster child is Rep Deb Stevens (and it’s only Jan. 10th). She lost her mind on Facebook (in late Dec.), claiming Trump voters are stockpiling guns and ammo and would shoot everyone if he lost in November.

Many Democrats do not believe in the idea of law-abiding gun owners. That there can be someone besides those they sanction, who can be trusted with the tools of self-defense. If you have a firearm, you are a felon; it’s just a matter of time. It excuses their confiscatory aims (while the smarter Dems know the truth – disarmament is necessary before they can establish their preferred political order).

I’m not sure to what faction Stevens’ belongs, but I suspect the former, which makes her off-the-handle-ranting pure projection.

The past three years have demonstrated who it is that has a short fuse, snaps like a twig, and resorts rapidly to violence when things don’t go their way. Democrats. If you need proof, consult any or every day since Mr. Trump won the Oval Office, or as it was known in Bill Clinton’s day the Oval Orifice. Oral Office? Oral Orifice? All of the above.

Stevens is a product of the very thing of which she accuses her political opponents. The left not only sanctions violence against political opponents; it encourages it. So, I can see why she doesn’t trust us. But if everyone on her side is one twig-snap away from climbing a tower with a rifle, the real question is, why doesn’t that translate to the government? 

How do you exist knowing everyone around you is one panty-twist from committing aggravated assault and then justify putting those people in power?

There are no examples where a government-run by those folks with that sort of force majority didn’t turn into a tyranny of lost rights, property, and lives to the will of the state.

Rule number one. People inclined to pursue power are the last people to be trusted with it. Deb Stevens is an excellent example. Use state power first and foremost to deny people their right to property, due process, and self-defense all in one piece of legislation. 

It drove her to write the red flag rant heard round the world. And as of this writing, her Facebook page is down (not available). Someone applied som pressure to make that happen.

Rumor has it she’s having or had (or will have) a disciplinary hearing with the Democrat Speaker of the House.  That’s not confirmed but Deb is smarter than all of us so someone made her do it.

How does that meeting go? Debra, please. Stop giving away the recipe to the secret sauce.

That’ll last until about five minutes after her social media rights have been returned. Then she’ll be at it again, and, as always, we’re here to take notes.

Debra Stevens’ Personal page is still available. Only her Ward 7 Rep Page was made unavailable. We expect and hope that is only temporary.