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Nashua Rep Deb Stevens Needs to Up Her Meds

Nashua State Representative Deb Stevens is upping her psychotic hate game against Trump supporters with a recent post on her public representative page:

Stevens seems to forget that it’s been her own kind, on the left, who have been hateful, bigoted and actually violent against anyone who supports the president or who simply disagrees with her extreme left-wing ideology and that’s been happening since the moment Trump won over Clinton.

It seems Stevens is one of those people who still can’t stand that Trump won and now projects her own hatred and bigotry onto others. One guy makes a statement and suddenly ALL Trump supporters are the same? How hateful and bigoted of her. She posted a story about fringe people from Arizona for God’s sakes.

Not only that but she brings up Bloomberg’s Red Flag law which is coming up for a full house vote in the near future. It appears Stevens would use Red Flag laws to confiscate legally owned firearms from people for simply being Trump supporters. That is one of the reasons these Red Flag laws are so dangerous. People like Stevens will absolutely ABUSE these destructive gun confiscation laws simply because someone has a differing opinion.

It’s people like Stevens who are “unstable, full of hate & bigotry and boldly threaten violence.” The entire world has seen the insane behavior, including violence, of the left ever since Trump won.

Stevens seems to be upping her hate game against her own constituents but what she really should be doing is upping her damn meds.