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Democrat Deb Stevens Tells Constituent She Will Not Re-Open Her State Rep Facebook Page

Deb Stevens

Nashua Democrat Deb Stevens is a NH State Rep. Like many Rep’s she had a Facebook page for her public business. To interact with constituents, share ideas. Rant about gun owners, civil wars, and bloodshed and why we need unconstitutional Red Flag Laws.

That last bit got her national attention and a meeting with the Democrat speaker of the NH House.

We do not know the content of that meeting but the page went dark that day and has been down ever since. We’ve learned from a constituent that Rep. Stevens does not intend to reopen the political page.

Too much glory for Nashua and New Hampshire Democrats?

I’m sure that’s it.

Rage and (The Democrat) Machine

It’s not like there is a universal objection on the left to her premise. That Republicans are all sitting around waiting for Trump to lose in November so we can quit our jobs, kiss our husbands and wives (and kids) goodbye, stop paying the mortgage, pick up our guns and start a civil war.

Not happening. It’s all projection.

The unhinged left is the party with the professional activist class of basement-dwelling trolls screaming racist, Nazi Hater at everyone. That’s their job. They probably found it on Craigslist. Or they were hired to work a Democrat presidential campaign.

Project Veritas released several videos of Bernie Sanders campaign staffers or field organizers casually preaching violence and rebellion. They are not outliers. These are not thoughts they keep to themselves. It’s so common that the Sanders Campaign COO sent out an email telling everyone to ixnay on that, especially in public.

Giving away the secret ingredient? It’s not a secret.

It’s who they are.

That’s not to say Deb Stevens is some unhinged left-wing nutjob who could snap at any moment. I’m not saying that. But she did have to shutter her Facebook page for some reason or another.

I’m sure she’ll tell us it was all the right-wing hate. I’m thinking it is because she’s also giving away the secret ingredient. That her party has asked her, much like the Sanders staffers, to keep quiet.

At least until the election.