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NH State Rep Deb Stevens: PLEASE keep talking and talking and talking and…

Nashua Democrat Deb Stevens

She just keeps proving our point – the more she talks, the more we report on her talking. Kimberly’s post had the first tranche on NH State Rep Deb Stevens‘s totally unhinged rant about those of us on the Right are on the edge of started Civil War II.

Ed followed it up with his post and that Stevens’ proved herself a fool.

Kimberly came back with news that NH Democrats DON’T BELIEVE that Deb Stevens was wrong at all (so much for the Democrat vaunted notion of “Civility” they are always calling for).

New flash, Deb – we don’t hate women. We actually don’t hate you, either. After all, you’ve made yourself a fountain of material with which we make into content. You still haven’t learned the lesson yet, have you:

Don’t say Stupid stuff. Don’t DO Stupid stuff. Doing so allows us to write about you.

Simple? For most folks, sure thing. Deb Stevens, Jan Schmidt, and a few others haven’t learned it yet, so we’ll just keep the publishing light on for you.  Just like another other socialist pinata that comes along. And remember, Stupidity crosses the aisle many times a day so don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought to in thinking we’re targeting you. We’re not – you just deliberately keep walking into our range of fire (writing wise, of course). If you didn’t do stupid stuff, you’d never see your name on our pages again. But that’s seemingly a long term lesson to learn, isn’t it?

Like going national with your accusation of Civil War II- into that now $1 Socialist rag formerly known as Newsweek (even as it has kept its name).

I read it and it follows your regular pattern:

  • Say stupid or outrageous “something” this isn’t true at all

Democratic State Representative Deb Stevens of Nashua, New Hampshire, has been unapologetic about her social media posts blasting President Donald Trump and his supporters as “unstable, full of hate & bigotry.” Stevens warned her supporters on Facebook Friday that “if Trump loses in 2020,” the president will incite his most violent and armed supporters to start a “mass slaughter” of Democrats and all his critics. House Republicans described Stevens’ posts as “offensive” and “dangerous” and have threatened her with disciplinary action.

Stevens doubled down on her critical comments about Trump voters and told Newsweek Sunday afternoon that she is filing police complaints after receiving threats of sexual and firearm-related violence.

  • Wait until people start taking you to task for saying / doing that stupid thing

“‘My AR is waiting for you Deb,'” Stevens said of one threat she received since creating the “Civil War” Facebook post.

Yeah, that was in response to the Red Flag law in which you would file a complaint against someone in accusing them of POSSIBLE harm, and then confiscate their firearms. Not that that person was coming for you – he was waiting for you to ransack his home (which you admit you want to do).

  • Turn yourself into a victim (it’s the Democrat / Socialist tactic)
  • Believe that you have a “higher moral ground stance
  • and then scream that you’re being oppressed by mean, vindictive, redneck knuckledraggers people on the Right.

“Very frightening responses just bc I wanted to post about the Civil War threats,” Stevens wrote in a message to Newsweek Sunday. “I advocate for Red Flag Laws. What a way to live.”

Sure you do – you want total civilian disarmament and Red Flag laws are cheap ways to do so.

What a way to live” – yeah, we say the same thing – what a way to live where socialist politicians want to turn our lives upside down simply because they hate what we stand for in terms of traditional values. You haven’t learned – New Hampshire folks aren’t all that fond of neo-totalitarians who want to control almost every area in our lives. We’ve read history – we know what happens in the end. We don’t like it and we WILL dissent all the way. And that’s what you hate about us – we rebel against your socialism.

In other words, you seem to delight in gaslighting everyone that disagrees with you and you immediately go to DefCon 1 – just like your Daughter did in threatening someone else. Including your own House Leader “Deputy Dawg” Shurtleff in defying that real great advice he’s trying to pass on to you:

Responding in a Facebook comment, Stevens doubled down and wrote: “I would proudly state my position from the Well. Unapologetically.”

THAT will be a great thing to video. And play, here at GraniteGrok, over and over and over again.  Good way to elect your opposition. OK, Deputy Dawg, your move.