Does the Left Gain Something by Switching Its Biden Departure Narrative from Health to Hunter? - Granite Grok

Does the Left Gain Something by Switching Its Biden Departure Narrative from Health to Hunter?

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

Long before the media proclaimed Joe Biden the President-Elect, we watched with a mix of amusement and concern at the obvious cognitive decline. This donkey was just a mule for the next Democrat president. He’d be leaving the office for health reasons. Well, maybe not.

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The media has started flirting with stories about Joe’s son Hunter. You’ll remember him. Ukraine, Burisma, China, money-laundering, fired prosecutors, Pappa VP influence peddling, baby daddy, drug-using, gambling, former laptop owner. That guy. He’s a mess, and his antics probably cost Joe the election, except he didn’t. Not yet.

But soon, by other means?

All those stories corporate propagandists have been calling fake or missing context over the past year are suddenly of interest. The same people who may have shut you down for one story are now warming that same story up.

Is the presumption of a Biden resignation for failing health premature?

Joe’s imminent departure from the oval office (after the inauguration, a guaranteed footnote in history as ‘President Biden’, with a lifetime of pay, benefits, secret service protection, and comforts it provides) might come via a different route.

What if Joe goes because Hunter was a bad boy?

That’s the way the rumblings appear to be leaning these days (IMO), but why?

If Biden steals the office, dismissing himself for health reasons is more than believable. He’s not mentally capable and has not been for a while. Harris and the inner circle are doing not just the heavy lifting but all of the lifting. Why not just sunset Lunchbox Joe to a life of declining health but well-earned comfort.

Joe’s “electoral” slaying of the (sexist, racist, xenophobic, misogynist) dragon Trump was a pyrrhic victory to be told for ages. It almost killed him. Racked by failing health, he is forced to pass the reigns to a young woman of color (who happens to be a communist) for the good of the people.

What a fine tale for Fair-Trade French-Pressed Espresso sipping Limo-Libs to tell their one designer child before bedtime.

Why not that?

The only good reason is that the Hunter angle somehow has more political advantage. That the noise they can make with a big investigation will hide something or distract us.

It can appear to be a bipartisan, unifying tract that gives swampy RINOs cover alongside their Left-Wing masters.

Such an investigation might begin to repair the massive damage done to the FBI and the intelligence community.

And, something bigger.

My gut says it has to do with the Democrat’s long, cozy relationship with China.

They’ll work a lot of angles, and their media will (naturally) help them. But that’s what I think. With any luck, Trump will manage to stop the steal, and this new act in the left’s ongoing political theater roadshow will never reach the curtain.

But, just in case, I think I’m right about this.