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Truth in Accounting

NH Only Ranks 24th Nationally for Financial Health – We Need to Do Better

The Granite State has a way of doing very well on just about every metric. But we’ve got a few Achilles heels. We rely too much on federal money, and our pension debt is an ugly bruise we’re trying to heal. And then came COVID, which also impacted our Truth in Accounting’s Financial State of …

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Banning Plastic Bag Bans

America and New Hampshire are confronting the pandemic. Citizens, businesses, and governments are doing all they can to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some useless measures instituted in less turbulent times need to be recognized for what they are.

ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement

Local Jurisdictions Should Not Shield Criminals from ICE

Only American citizens can protect America. It is our responsibility to demand politicians and our senior law enforcement do their job. Their job is that which they have sworn an oath to do. Namely, that is protecting America and most importantly protecting our children.

Fear and Stagnation: Democrat Leadership

The New Hampshire legislature this session has spent its time denouncing and dismantling the system that has given the state the New Hampshire advantage. They have rejected the low tax, low unemployment, free enterprise system they were left. What has the NH legislature done? The Democrats have pushed greater government control. They are instituting greater …

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