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A President Biden Will Hold States Hostage

Joe Biden wink

The Government uses the flu to shutter businesses, limit hours, and put people under house arrest. It then crafts massive bailout packages to “help” the people it harms. This relief is loaded with payoffs and bucket list items, and Biden is eyeing future bailouts as a way to advance his climate agenda.

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“People close to Biden’s transition team say they’re looking at that stimulus as a potential avenue for enacting some climate reforms — like aid for green jobs or moving the nation toward a carbon-free energy system — that might be tougher to get on their own,” the outlet noted Friday.

Blackmail, extortion, the Newsome rule. The Healy Initiative. You threaten to keep money or take money to get what you want. And no, it’s not a new tactic. Mr. Trump tried to get sanctuary advocates to follow the law as written, not as they imagined it. He did not have as much success as we’d hoped because – and this is the fun part – the courts got in the way.

Fun, you say, how so?

Biden will use the same courts to validate his holding back funds to force states to do things, not in federal law but as he imagines them.

Wait, didn’t Trump do a great job of stacking the courts with decent judges? He did. But the left will apply a massive amount of pressure (through proxies) on judges, their families, friends, and even (depending on the makeup of Congress) use impeachment of Federal judges as leverage to get what they want.

History tells us a few will say screw you, but far too many will allow their ears to be bent to the left.

In other words, we can’t rely on the courts.

If the presumptuous nominee Joe Biden (and massive systemic vote-fraud) manages to carry Kamala into the Oval Office (or vice-versa), all bets are off, and everything has strings attached. And the swamp will either suck them in or suck them down to their professional deaths.

Very similar to that of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Fire him or you don’t get the billion dollars. Just like that. Well, son of a bitch, they fired him.

Here’s to hoping my prediction rings true and Trump wins because the Electoral College cannot get either candidate to 270, and the US Hose picks the winner. Donald Trump.