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Andrew Gillum for Veep?

Florida is a must win for Democrats in 2020, no doubt.  Without Florida, it’s hard to see a path to victory. So, it stands to reason that the presumptive Democrat nominee, Elizabeth Warren, would be trying to court Andrew Gillum, which was reported earlier by the Daily Beast.  Gillum lost to Republican Governor Ron Desantis …

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Investigation Alleged FISA Abuse Complete

IG Investigation of Alleged FISA Abuse is Complete

DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has given his draft report to the attorney general. The report delves into alleged FISA abuse by the department and the FBI. The abuses took place as part of the Trump-Russia investigation. The announcement The IG sent a letter sent to multiple congressional committees in both chambers. Horowitz announced Friday his …

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Whither the FBI?

When I was a kid, the FBI was considered the best law enforcement agency in the World. Not just in our country–in the World! We were treated to movies and TV shows about the FBI’s battles against criminals and communists. It would have been hard to think of another organization with as stellar a reputation.

Weaponizing the IRS Was Bad

Weaponizing the IRS Was Bad… Its Getting Worse

Weaponizing the IRS Was Bad when we found out about that. Remember Lois Lerner?  She was an IRS official.  She went called before the House Oversight committee. That was back in 2013. The committee was investigating improper activity at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Nothing to see here She insisted she “didn’t do anything wrong.”  …

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