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The Ignoble Nobel Disses Precious Little Greta

Greta Thunberg

There can be only one Nobel Peace Prize winner each year. We knew it wasn’t going to be someone who did something historic, like Mr. Trump. That’s now how this works. But a nominee darling on the left got stiffed too.

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Greta Thunberg was denied. How dare they! And she’s so deserving. They gave it to Arafat.

Arafat got it for advancing a UN priority. A commitment to using the peace process to allow for continued conflict resulting in more dead Jews. Sure they called it peace, but we never really had that. Unless you can call 2-5 bombings on civilian targets annually (following Oslo), peace, some did.

But that’s related to why Donald Trump got denied. He actually advanced Peace that would lead to fewer dead Jews. He also encouraged increased economic cooperation between Jews and Arabs, totally messing in the globalist’s forever-war sandbox.

But that’s not all.

Trump made sure we no longer needed their oil, hence no more need for their wars (right globalists?). And he kicked ISIS’ ass. So, let’s bring the troops home. Let the locals pay for our consultants if they want, but we’re done here. And as a parting gift, we’ll work to spread peace among the many peoples as long as we have the power to help make it happen.

The Global Left doesn’t want that. They want Biden energy dependency, decline, and perennial conflict. And maybe more dead Jews. But they love Greta, and she was born in Stockholm, Sweden, a mere 259 miles from Oslo, Norway.

Wee Greta was a star. She got murals and Time’s Little Lady of the Year, all for reading apocalyptic speeches written by her father and Climate, some activist named Adarsh Prathap.

In May, CNN made her an expert on their Corinivirus panel, which should have made her a lock. And she even endorsed Joe Biden for President!

She is at least as qualified as the 14-year-old who made up social distancing for a high school science project.

But then that kid didn’t get it either. She wasn’t even nominated.

How dare they!

I mean, after all, they gave Obama one for doing nothing and then realized they wanted it back but were afraid of being called racists if they asked.