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CNN Puts Greta Thunberg on Their Coronavirus Panel of Experts

Gret Thunberg CNN Coronavirus panel

Climate Muppet Greta Thunberg hasn’t gotten much attention since she won Time Magazine’s Man of the Year Award, or whatever they call it now. But never fear, CNN is here! She’s an expert on their Coronavirus panel –  Facts and Fears, Thursday at 8 pm ET.

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CNN is using her as a prop. How dare They!

To be clear, you shouldn’t hold contempt for Thunberg — you should feel bad for her. She is a deeply troubled young woman with a long history of struggles with depression, OCD, eating disorders, bullying, and more. Sadly, she has latched onto an alarmist ascientific doomsday tale of a pending climate apocalypse as a way of coping. There’s nothing horribly wrong with this; Thunberg is a young woman of admirable passion and should pursue her beliefs. What’s disturbing is to see liberal journalists exploit such a young, ill-informed activist to push their political agenda even to her detriment.

It’s not just the media. As we noted here, she is a victim of climate-related child trafficking. Her father and an Eco-fascist activist are writing her material. That’s why I call her Muppet Greta. She’s a prop. And CNN, which has more props than a Hollywood Soundstage, is happy to abuse her for their enrichment.

Although, I should point out that she has the same level of intellectual and emotional maturity as most of the talking heads at CNN, and she’s just as reliable. That is to say, not at all. So, I guess they’re made for each other.

One more point. This Global Town Hall is 8 pm Eastern time. That’s 2 am Greta time unless they had her on a slow boat from Scandanavia for several weeks to get her on the East coast for this special. 

Or is she partying on the left coast like it’s 1799?

Here’s the promo.


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