Swedish Climate Muppet Greta Thunberg Recognized as Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' - Granite Grok

Swedish Climate Muppet Greta Thunberg Recognized as Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’


Whenever I hear ‘Time Magazine,’ I think the same thing as when I hear ‘Newsweek.’ That’s still around? And they are still doing that Man (sorry) person of the Year thing? Yup. And it’s as empty and meaningless as ever. This year it’s the angry climate Muppet, Greta Thunberg.

Greta’s not your average school-skipping, hey-look at me, I know everything teenager. She’s a globe-Trotsky-ing climate Marxist.

“… the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all.

Right in line with the rest of the socialists using fake climate fear to dismantle western civilization, free markets, and (let’s face it) the best cure for poverty the world has ever seen.

The only problem Socialism (Marxism, Communism) every solved was how to get rid of that pesky middle class. You take away property rights, free speech, rights of conscience, an independent judiciary, and before you know it, we really are a nation of haves and have nots.

Why Greta?

“Thunberg has become the biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet— “For sounding the alarm about humanity’s predatory relationship with the only home we have, for bringing to a fragmented world a voice that transcends backgrounds and borders.

She’s been brainwashed into whining about an economic scam hidden under a blanket of false fear.  So, who were some of Time’s finalists?

  • New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (probably for denying citizens the natural right to self-defense).
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping (An actual communist who has denied people their rights and their lives.).
  • The Hong Kong protesters.

I would have gone with the Hong Kong protesters, but I see why Time Magazine couldn’t do it.  They are demanding rights Jacinda Arden took away, and protections Xi Jinping has tried to deny them. All while waving American flags and pictures of a Buff Donald Trump.

We get the school-skipping climate muppet instead.

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