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No Peace Prize for Trump – They Gave it to ‘Themselves’ Instead

Nobel Peace Prize

The Globalists that decide these sorts of things decided that they might never know peace if they gave a Nobel to Donald Trump. No Prize for the rich-guy from Queens, even if he did advance real Peace in the Middle East – several times.

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They gave it to themselves. The UN. A sister organization in the socialization of planetary politics and culture. From one globalist group to another.

But they didn’t just give it to The World Food Program. They used the occasion to s**t on Donald Trump. Who can blame them? RBG’s funeral was a private thing instead of another chance to use someone’s death to bash the Donald. And they all had things they wanted to say.

Binge won’t work without a purge, so the Nobel Committee decided to hand it to the UN and purge their collective righteous indignation at success rather than the preferred Globalist lip-service about real Peace with a nation they all seem to hate.


[T]he Norwegian Nobel Committee said it wished “to turn the eyes of the world towards the millions of people who suffer from or face the threat of hunger.”

The committee also said it hoped that bestowing the prize on the U.N. agency would highlight the need to strengthen global solidarity and cooperation in an era of go-it-alone nationalism.

“We are sending a signal to every nation who raises objections to international cooperation,” committee chair Berit Reiss-Andersen said. “We are sending a signal to this type of nationalism where the responsibility for global affairs is not being faced.”


Is it just me, or does that read like a fat crooked finger pointed at (IMO) the American Free Market and one of its remaining champions, the rich guy from Queens? A mention or intention, I think, deserves a reality sandwich.

The American experiment they are so desperately trying to destroy – their Climate Cult is a global act of scientism with that one goal in mind – has fed more and freed more people from poverty than any before it or after. But it will forever be seen as a failure by globalists.

It offends them.

American government recognized the rights of individuals before rulers. It gave the power of the state to the ignorant peasants. Allowing them to shape and reshape the form, limited by rights, the elected office temps were sworn to protect and defend.

They’ve been whittling away at that for centuries, much more quickly in recent decades. As if a deadline looms for wrecking America and the Trump character is still standing in their way.

Mr. Trump created jobs that allowed the people to feed themselves. He got record numbers off food support programs. Helped them onto a path toward their own little American dream—he even advanced peace in the Middle East. Not a promise, or a roadmap, but actual peace.

But they were never interested in Peace, or the climate, or even hunger. All that matters to them is that no matter how bad things are for the rest of us that certain people are in charge.

If you need proof, look at California, Portland, Seattle, or New York. Great potential brought to ruin under the watchful eye of left-wing globalists. Shining lights dimmed by Decades of Democrat rule.

People who only want one thing. To return you to your rightful place, under their boot.