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Kyle Rittenhouse (on th eground) Screen grab video care of NYP

Not Guilty!

Well, after seeing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on TV I feared leftist pressure would pervert our justice system. However, twelve people, good and true, pronounced him “not guilty” on all counts. Of course the Left is going nuts, many still sound like they spent their time watching Andy Griffin reruns and expecting a white man …

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Quick Takes – Hat Trick

Within I pick three topics upon which to discourse, but not worth a full-length examination as a standalone piece on their own.  But first, reprising an older cartoon (for shameless self-promotion!):

biden-fail-2 Peter Doucy Conservative Treehouse

Monday Memes

Remember Alinsky and his rules – particularly Rule 5: “Ridicule is Man’s Most Potent Weapon”. LAUGH at these people.  MOCK THEM MERCILESSLY.  And if you recall from that video embedded here about mass psychosis and propagandizing, ridicule is also an effective weapon against that as well.

jfk peaceful and violent revolutions

Paging JFK…

I have watched many video clips of protests against Jab mandates globally, and see growing numbers of instances of police behaving like actual brownshirts, not the admirable men & women in blue that I’ve respected in the past – Australia being a most notable example, one video:


TreeHugger Letting the Mask Drop – Are You a Subject or a Citizen?

I spent a lot of my time today playing chauffeur to TMEW (she drives very little nowadays) and the Grandson (at 5 yo, wants to but…). Far more than I expected. The rest of the time, I discovered that after a period of relatively non-controversial posts, TreeHugger had taken a hard left-hand turn.