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Proof: Democrats Want Government Between You and Your Doctors, and That it Could Kill You

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I would not be surprised to hear someone announce that using Hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with COVID19 is racist. At this point, they will do or say anything to get between you and your doctor. Not that this was never the plan. It was always the plan.

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If you were still rheumy-eyed about the improbability of Government getting between you and taxpayer-funded anything after ObamaCare, COVID19 should have shattered any doubts. The entire exercise has been fraught with examples of politicians, mostly Democrats, making medical decisions that put the state between you and your doctor.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is the most glaring example.

Before Mr. Trump ever said the word, there was worldwide evidence that it would work, and physicians were using it on some of their patients (at their discretion) and that it was working. They were saving lives. But when the institutional Left heard the words uttered by our Commander and Chief, a new front in the war began. HCQ had to be canceled. They sowed dissent and fear. There was even a study that was published saying it could kill you by a research outfit that magically vanished when their results and methods were challenged as flawed or faulty.

That never mattered. The damage was done. The media and the Democrats sold the lie and made people afraid of a viable treatment. They literally stepped between doctors and patients and prevented thousands of people from considering HCQ.

Governors, either in on the scam or just (politically) afraid of being labeled by the LeftLeft as killers, jumped into the fray imposing limits on HCQ use, treatment restrictions, literally defining the circumstances in an all-hands-on-deck pandemic under which physicians could prescribe a possible cure.

How many people died? We will never know, but it was probably thousands. Perhaps tens of thousands. Deaths the Left wants to lay at the feet of the guy who named a promising treatment that works, which they then pilloried out of play to the detriment of actual human lives.

And it does work. Even CNN had to admit it. And now Sen. Ron Johnson has spearheaded a petition to ask the President to intervene.

He said he forwarded the request to the White House after gaining support from 776 physicians, just 14 hours after he began circulating the letter, which asks Mr. Trump to issue presidential directives allowing doctors to “fight with all the weapons we have at hand.”

Physicians “must be free to use the medicines at hand free of politicians and bureaucrats’ second-guessing and threats,” said the letter. “It is unprecedented — and lethal — for state governors and medical boards to forbid physicians’ freedom to prescribe long-approved and safely used medications.”

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In other words, please get the government out from between patients and their doctors.

I’m not sure what, exactly, can be done from the White House concerning governors and their states. It seems unlikely that anything more than moving small federal mountains at the CDC and FDA is within his purview. But as I have pointed out, that only reaffirms the problem.

The Government wants to be between you and your doctor and your insurer and your pharmacist. A proclivity that, among the very same people (mostly on the Left), translates out to every other corner of your life. A place where you are not only forced to wait for their permission but that failing to ape the prescribed narratives could get you canceled by ruling class’ street thugs.

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