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Meet the GOP Fascists

This follows up on a post by Steve about the eleven GOP Representatives who joined the Democrats in voting against repealing the law establishing no-free-speech zones outside abortion clinics.

I previously posted about the no-free-speech zones:

Planned Parenthood’s contention that the law is about safety is laughable. The law does not limit itself to obstructing, detaining, hindering, impeding or blocking access to abortion clinics. It encompasses speech opposing abortion.

Steve wrote:

Politics is about keeping score. And since we’re here for the principles, not just the party, it behooves us to report on elected officials registered as Republicans who refuse to act like them. Republicans should protect free speech, association, and its public exercise. And yet there are those who will not.

I would go further than Steve. Defining speech that you disagree with as “harassment” and not protected by the First Amendment is something that fascists would do. So meet the GOP fascists:

I would love to see a real Republican primary each of them. Hopefully a real Republican reading this, who lives in the district or knows a real Republican living in the district, feels the same way.

The Republican Party would be much better off without these fascists. Beyond the obvious reason that we don’t want fascists in the Republican Party, here is why:

They have given political cover to the Democrats who voted to uphold the ban on pro-life speech. And I am sure that they will give political cover to the Democrats on other issues.

They have to go.