"I’m so angry that he put us in this situation. I’m in no mood to help him right now." - Granite Grok

“I’m so angry that he put us in this situation. I’m in no mood to help him right now.”

Chris SununuThat from an ally over NH Gov. Chris Sununu signing HB1319, the latest Bathroom Bill (aka “today I feel like a women even without the lady bits so I’m going into the ladies room”) and HB587 (gotta let gays be gays and no talking them out of it) which is a sop to the gay lobby and is an affront to both the First Amendment and NH’s Constitution in the matter of denying free speech and free conscious. I wrote this at the time:

So Governor Chris Sununu just told his Conservative and Faith-Based base to buzz off. You just told those that brung you to the dance that you’re in love with another. OK, buzz off we shall – like a buzzsaw. You asked we’ll deliver.

So how do I tell him and NH State Rep Mindi Messmer apart, who is running for US Congress with pretty much the same message

Yes, I’m on a LOT of Democrat email listservs, and she put me onto hers (that’s what I get for being an Independent).  She BRAGS about her stances on those two bills:

While her expertise is in environmental science, she is a tireless advocate for other issues as well, including worker’s rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and campaign finance reform. She is a cosponsor and one of two representatives that testified in the Senate for the transgender non-discrimination bill which was signed into law by the Governor.  She was the only House Representative that successfully engineered reconsideration of the gay conversion therapy ban bill which pulled it out of the trash bin and the Governor recently signed into law. Mindi also engineered and executed a successful plan to overthrow the abortion registry bill on the House floor.

Sununu is also pro-choice. So, anti free speech, eliminating any legal differences between men and women (actually, erasing gains that the womens’ movement has made over the decades), and anti-religious liberty.

“I’m so angry that he put us in this situation. I’m in no mood to help him right now.”

Yes, he signed tax reform, Constitutional Carry, killed off higher toll taxes (yet again, another Republican, NH State Senator Executive Councilor [H/T Keith for the correction!] Russell Prescott leading the charge to take more money out of YOUR pocket).  And he signed the Voter Fraud bill that solves a huge problem in the First in the Nation Primary State – but not until 2020.

But he has put us into a bad spot.  And yes, like the person that coined that phrase, I’m angry.  When I can’t seem to figure out who is a Democrat and who is a Republican on the issues that matter to ME, why should I do anything?  I’ve said for a long time that I refuse to vote for the least worst just because.  I refuse to vote for someone that I have to worry how they will vote or legislate.  What other social issues that are near and dear to Democrats are going to be getting the heavy lift help by the NH GOP elected officials?

If I can’t Trust you, why should I spend my precious Vote on you? And if I can’t Trust you to vote for you, WHY would I want to help you?  Again:

Winning is only the precursor; it is what you do afterwards that is most important.

Sununu disagrees with that – he has said that winning is everything.  Well, not if it is going to be used for the wrong purpose and for the opposition party’s agenda item.  That’s not why many of us voted for you. No one of GOP note is going to challenge him in the Primary – he still has high poll numbers and he’s expecting to win in November.  I do wonder about that – will it be by as large a number as he and his staff think it will be?

You know, Aaron Day spoke at the CNHT Picnic – he sounded pretty conservative to me even if running as a Libertarian. Given that I made an offer / promise that vetted candidates could use GraniteGrok to get their messages out to their constituents, I’ll put up his stances.

He writes them, I post them, you read them, you decide.

I do know one thing – on those two issues, how can I tell Sununu apart from Messmer?  I know I can’t; can you?  If you can, please let me know because I don’t see a sliver of space between them.

I know I can’t vote for him now, either. If you abridge MY freedom of speech and you abridge MY religious freedom and put my family at risk, WHY would I vote for you?

I asked you that question – you blew me off.

“I’m so angry that he put us in this situation. I’m in no mood to help him right now.”