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New Hampshire “Democrat” Values

Barack Obama with a baseball bat. Is he talking to Maggie Hassan?
Is President Obama Talking to Maggie Hassan?

Michelle Obama was in New Hampshire recently, talking about how Barack will win here because they have “New Hampshire Values.”  I realize that what she meant was New Hampshire Democrat party values, which are more like ‘Chicago Values,’ than actual ‘New Hampshire values.’

You know the values she means; big spending, more taxes and fees, lots of regulatory hoops to jump through, violate peoples rights of conscience,  no right to self-defense, hold opponents to values and standards to which you’ll never hold yourself or any other Democrat,  speech intimidation, hypocrisy, and maybe even a New Hampshire Democrat Party value that makes this  photo of President Obama that much more amusing, given recent events in the Granite State.

“That’s a good answer…Maggie.”