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Democrat Lee Nyquist’s Campaign Manager Kevin ‘Awesome-Cool’ Hodges Identified as Maggie Hassan’s ‘Bat-Boy.’

Lee Nyquist- Says he's for Civility but his Campaign manger wants to beat Republicans With a batGoffstown, New Hampshire Democrat Kevin Hodges, former House Rep from (D-Awesome Cool), has been identified as the Democrat in this video who wants to “Beat  Republicans with a bat.”  This isn’t all that surprising.  Hodges has a history of disrespecting Republican opponents

“You should vote for me because I’m awesome and cool. The House is filled with stingy old people who are stupid. I’m younger and smarter, and that’s a fact.”

Hodges fed the “Beat Republicans with a bat” line to Democrat goober-natorial candidate Maggie ‘Louisville Slugger’ Hassan, who responded, “That’s a good answer.”

When Hodges isn’t playing Bat-boy, he is also the campaign manager for New Hampshire Democrat Lee Nyquist, who is running as the Democrat State Parties best choice to represent the people of  New Hampshire State Senate District #9.

Here’s a question.  Was NH Democrat Lee Nyquist in the room?  Was he smiling and laughing?  Not sure.  But regardless of that what does he think about his campaign manager’s announcement that they can “beat Republicans with a bat?”  I only ask because the boldface lead to the first item on Lee Nyquist’s ‘Issues’ page reads like this.

“Restoring Civility, Collaboration and Common Sense to Concord


(FYI-To reach Lee’s campaign, contact campaign manager Kevin Hodges at or 660-2104.)

So that sounds like a little speed bump, and it’ll be fun to watch them squirm, but I’m more curious about when the official “denouncing” will start?  I know Democrat State Party Chair Ray Buckley, Party Poobah Kathy Sullivan, and all the other left wing castaways from their tortured rhetoric are big on demanding that everyone in a given political party ‘denounce’ people, campaigns, and entire grass roots movements when something like this happens.

So when the campaign manager of a New Hampshire Democrat State Senate candidate and a Candidate for Governor of New Hampshire advocate violence against Republicans to the smiles and laughter of a room full of Democrats, it’s only a matter of time before…. at any moment now we should expect to hear…we should…any minute now….any….

Should we at least expect something from the Rev. William Exner, the politically active pro-income tax Democrat who prays for state sanctioned legal plunder and advocates the left wing agenda?  The meeting was held in the bowels of St. Marks–the Goffstown Episcopal Church Mr. Exner shepherds.  You’d expect him to take issue with off-hand references to violence or the smiles and laughter that followed.

Or was he in the room?


In case you have not seen it yet…